Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Called Message Testing...

Zorn had something about some 'polling' Rahm's folks did about Karen Lewis.  He wasn't real happy with the questions and referred to it as a push poll.

It sounds to me like message testing, which to be honest is IMHO the coolest type of poll to be called for.  Why?  Because it can give you a preview of what might be coming up in the election.  Got called on one of those for my local state rep race, learned all sorts of new 'issues' about my current state rep as well as all sorts of stuff about the guy running against her. Some of it borderline questionable (there was a question that implied India was a third world nation). Still don't know which of them put the poll out there.

Haven't seen any mail about the race and no cable ads so not sure if it is even considered a real race and if they have tried any of the messages.  But it is a bit like watching the fall TV season preview, you get all the best bits from a political junkie viewpoint.

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