Sunday, October 12, 2014

Heck Of An Endorsement...

There was a heck of an endorsement in the Illinois 84 house race from the Daily Herald.

A year ago, we endorsed Krishna Bansal of Aurora in his campaign for the school board in Indian Prairie Unit District 204. There was an obvious reason for that, and it is the same reason we are endorsing Bansal today for the Illinois House: He is an extraordinary candidate in terms of temperament, personal achievement and thoughtful vision for the future. Let us repeat the point for emphasis. Bansal is not just a good candidate, he's an extraordinary one, and we hope the voters give him the opportunity to represent the 84th House District that includes of parts of Aurora, Naperville, Montgomery and Oswego.

Any candidate R or D would be thrilled to get that kind of endorsement.

Got message tested on this race a while back, took a good 10+ minute phone call and there least two questions, that would be considered by some, to be blunt, borderline racist.  They referred indirectly to India as a third world country and I think that is language that some people would have a real problem with.  They were negative message testing on both candidates (it wasn't a push and if it was it was the worse push poll ever) and actually learned several negative things about my current state rep.  Most of the stuff they tested on Bansal was more guilt by association for some fundraising and about people who supported him.

Don't know what the polling looks like, but it might be interesting.

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