Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sorry Mark Brown but I don't think it is about the money...

Mark Brown a few days ago wrote in the Sun Times why he doesn't like Bruce Rauner and it showed up in my feed as part of an ad for Quinn...

He is entitled to his opinion, certainly but I think there is an issue with his basic argument.

I don’t like people buying their way into political office at the highest levels. Never have. 
I don’t like it from Democrats (Al Hofeld and Blair Hull come to mind), and I don’t like it from Republicans. 
I particularly don’t like a new breed of uber-wealthy bullies who are intent on reshaping Illinois government more to their liking under the guise of reforming it for our benefit

Well Mark, most major money in politics, be it from PACs, Unions or someones pocket, it comes from entities reshaping government more to their liking or preventing it from being reshaped in a way that isn't to their liking.  Pure and simple...  Do you think the union money coming in for Quinn is because they think he is a great governor or because they are concerned about the economic impact to their members?

So using your own money to shape government is bad, but giving it to someone else who will likely shape it to your liking (that is why you are giving them money in the first place) is ok? Sorry I really don't see a difference between it being your dime and someone else's, the only difference is at least you don't have to feel beholden to the person who gave you the money.  If you don't think elected officials are beholden to donors?

The minimum wage is a great example of this... Why hasn't the legislature raised it?  The Democrats have the votes to do it, but instead we get an advisory referendum and lots of talk about an increase, but no action.  Think it might have something to do with not wanting to tick off voters and/or donors? Did they hold off on it so it could be an election issue? Is that for anyone's benefit besides the elected officials?

Give me a break...

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