Monday, January 05, 2015

Sorry Illinois Political Junkies, Most Folks Can Care Less Who Rauner Appoints To Be Comptrolller..

Unless Rauner said he was appointing State Comptroller Atkins , most residents of Illinois can really care less who is in the role.

This isn't a slam on Leslie Munger, I really don't know enough about her to draw a conclusion one way or another, but  I just think the whole 2 year, 4 year thing and the rest of it all comes down a political fight by people who really care about that sort of thing, which by definition if you ask me excludes 99% of the residents of the state of Illinois.

So while the arguments about if she is a 'good' appointee or not will continue, when it comes down to it, until she is in the role, no one really knows.

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