Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Race To Be The Next Mayor Of Aurora...

Well Tom is not running for re-election so the race to be the next mayor of the second largest city in Illinois is now on...

Here are some thoughts and names of folks who I think might be running and the odds of them doing so. Lots more to come on this race, but now to the possible candidates at this point.

State Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia -- 100%
She would have to be considered the front runner at this point with good name recognition, the ability to raise some decent money all being strong points in her favor.  Also she is likely the most popular Democrat in town.

 Alderman At Large Richard Irvin -- 80%
Well he has run for mayor before and had the backing of the police union (not sure if he would get it this time) he has raised decent money in the past and might be able to do so again if he leverages his Republican contact.

Alderman At Large Bob O'Connor -- 50%
He ran against Linda as the Republican candidate when the seat was created after the 2000 census. Willing to work hard when running, he was able to even get Denny Hastert to do a fundraiser for him when he ran against Linda (full disclosure: I gave him money and singed an ad for him during that race).  He would be the old guard candidate ie the guy most likely to know the most people at the Aurora Country Club.

Juan Thomas -- 90%
Former Aurora Township Clerk.  Well he runs for stuff a lot, including  the 11th congressional district, West Aurora School Board, Township Clerk and is the current Aurora Township Democratic Party chair. Would make sense he takes a shot at Mayor.

Now the folks who may be thinking about it

John Shoemaker -
Aurora Township highway commissioner.  I think my odds on him running may be high, but his family name is well known in town and he has been around for a little while, with the factions within the Democrats in town, he might be the 'other faction' choice to make a run.,

Kane County Clerk Jack Cunningham -
Current Kane County Clerk, he ran last time getting into the race at the last minute. He held office in Aurora under the old commissioner system at one time.  I would be surprised if he isn't at least thinking about it.

 Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen --
The rumor has been Chris has been itching to run for mayor of Aurora.  For what it is worth, Aurora loves Chris.

Clayton Muhammad --
Current City of Aurora Director of Communications and founder of the Boys || Men organization in Aurora.

At least one person from Naperville Township --
Not sure who this person may be, but there is at least one person who lives east of Eola road who is giving it some thought,.

OneMan --

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Anonymous said...

The only one I would be interested is Cunningham. In the past his office came under criticism and I liked the way he owned up and accepted responsibility rather than blaming underlings. He also was very forth coming with some campaign finance issues. Cunningham is in the perfect position to evaluate the merit of the Aurora Election Commission.

I like Chris but he has been a disappointment on the County Board with his love affair with public servants. I can't see Chris outsourcing many city functions or cutting personnel. I can see Cunningham doing so.

Irvin is far too dirty to warrant consideration. He is not very bright and unethical as they come. He also is owned by the unions.

Chapa-La-Via, the woman who voted for drivers's license for illegal aliens because she "no longer needs the gringo's vote" - hardly. Let's see the masonic temple, the Italian restaurant debacle, how many insider deals have her and Vern been party to? Long ago her and Vern latched on to the public teat and have never let go.

O'Connor has severe ethical problems, is vindictive, petty and out of touch with modern world. Mentally he is 30 years older than his biological age. You can pin almost all of Aurora's problems on O'Connor's lack of due diligence on the City Council. he ha sbeen a rubber stamp for decades.

Juan Thomas is easily the most ethically challenged of those listed, surpassing even his good friend Richard Irvin.

Shoemaker...please. He helped run fake republican Steve Solarz's campaign for 5th Ward Alderman and was hoping to leverage that into a leg up for a mayoral run. Good long term planner, 100% political animal.