Monday, July 27, 2015

Because the APD Does Not Like Her...

A little while back there was an incident involving some folks, including the President of Aurora University.  The police report has been put on-line and is an interesting read. You can find it here.

It ends up being for the most part a narrative of two adults who had a dispute and solved it like adults, without filing charges.

But there is a money quote in the report, that seems to require more attention and questions that it is likely to get...

"She told me she was concerned because APD does not like her....."

This came from the President of Aurora University. So the President of the local college thinks the local PD does not like her and was willing to tell an officer of that same PD that.

That's a problem.  That's something that needs to be addressed.  Someone needs to start asking questions about the relationship between the city and the University. They are a major employer and presence in the city and have been a part of the community for over a century.

It would be nice if the Beacon News looked into this some, but it appears that there haven't been any stories about it.

It seems like a question the candidates for mayor should be asked.

But sadly, I doubt anyone is asking.

Full disclosure, I took a couple of graduate school classes at AU back in the early 90's before deciding I didn't want to pursue an MBA and got a different degree from a different area school.  Also for what it is worth, the campus is much nicer now than it was back then.

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