Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Beacon Learns that Aurora Exists South of Ogden.

There was a fatal accident on Heggs and 30, if you live out in this part of town this does not come as a surprise to you at all.

The Wolf's Crossing (not Wolf road as the article I am going to link to says) intersection at 30 gets backed up going westbound past Eola during morning and evening rush.  It gets worse once school starts with the buses headed to both Oswego East, kids driving to OE and buses headed down to Murphy Jr High.  The change in the intersection of 30  & Wolfs Crossing to use a left turn lane helps, but a light with a turn arrow (as was suggested when speedway went in and ignored) would also help.  Changing the interval on the light would also be a good idea to give traffic on Wolfs crossing more time during the AM  might help.

But hey, the Beacon News is now on it.  The Beacon News has discovered at least for a moment that there is part of Aurora that exists south of 34 and attends the Oswego school district.  But in traditional Beacon News style, they made sure that they didn't really start asking questions until something bad enough happened that the government entities involved were going to have to take immediate action.

Some newspapers report on things that lead to government action, the Beacon waits until government is already going to do something so that way no one looks bad.

Sometimes I think there is a sign in the newsroom (such as it is now) that says "Make Sure No One In Aurora Area Government Looks Bad"

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