Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kennedy Gets It Right....

So Kennedy went full on property taxes and politicians who work the property tax system....

I think it is a very, very smart play here is why,

The Democratic front-runner (and the guy running ads now) made the house next door to his uninhabitable by removing the toilets and then got a property tax break.  When third party ads start running, Pritzker is going to get slammed for this and it is going to work.

If Pritzker survives this attack (and I suspect he will) it will still be all set up for Rauner to go.

Because property taxes are something most voters understand and may be the tax they feel the most 'jerked over' about an income tax or a sales tax is easily understandable and stays relatively consistent over time. The rates are fairly consistent, but your property taxes show up on a bill that is different each year with a variety of line items.  It is a confusing bill, perhaps intentionally, perhaps not, but it is confusing.

I think really keying in on that part of the tax system is a smart political idea. The concept that the system is loaded against you the 'average guy' is not that hard of a sale because of the complexity of the property tax system and the idea that the person who has the same house as you two blocks away might be paying a significantly different amount of tax.

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