Wednesday, May 30, 2018

So the Fox Metro Water Reclamation Board is Going to be Elected, How About Doing the Same For the CPS School Board.

The bill is here, it is headed to the governor.

I guess I missed the huge community outcry for an elected water reclamation board in the Aurora area.  I am also confident that there are a much larger number of people wanting the CPS School Board to be elected. 

It seems if GA can take the time to ensure that people in my neck of the woods have the right to vote for people of the Fox Metro board, they can find time to give the people of Chicago the right to vote for their school board.

It seems that if electing the folks who help decide how to run the outfit that deals with waste water (an important task) it only seems fair that electing the folks who decide how the largest school system in the state is run is a good idea as well.

After all as one state rep put it..

At least the no votes and the yes votes had the chance to vote on it, which is more than it seems the GA is willing to due for those parents and 'people' of Chicago. 

Then again I am sure it is just sitting in the rules committee for a good reason, not because some sort of secret reason why the members of the GA don't get to vote on it (it has something like 56 co-sponsors in the house).

It makes you think that politics is being put ahead of people.  The fine members of the GA wouldn't do that, would they?

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