Sunday, January 06, 2019

Toni Preckwinkle and Ed Burke

In an act of burring a political story for the ages (making an announcement right after the Bears lost a playoff game on a blocked/missed field goal that hit the upright and the crossbar) Toni announce she is returning $116,000 from a fundraiser at Ed Burke's home.

In a mass email, Preckwinkle — who also is the Cook County Democratic Party chair — said she’s removing Burke as chair of the Cook County Democratic Party Judicial Slating Committee, returning the money raised at his home, demanding he resign as Democratic committeeman of the 14th Ward and calling on him to resign from the City Council immediately. She also called for an end to outside employment by city elected officials.
So I guess my first question would be, does she feel Cook County Commissioners should be allowed outside employment?  What prompted her change in view on city elected officials having outside employment.  Why wait until after she had called for Burke to step down to return the money? 

I am not sure how you can be Chair of  Democratic Party in Cook County and try and wear the progressive hat at the same time. The ties to Burke are going to be everywhere and to be blunt it might be better just to own it than try and run from it.

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