Thursday, May 09, 2019

Sports Betting In Illinois

How the state should implement sports betting (if it should at all), in part comes down to a question, not really a simple one, but perhaps a direct one.

Is Illinois going to allow sports betting in order to generate revenue or because now that courts allow states to do so it feels that it's citizens should be free to bet on sporting events.

Lets not kid ourselves, gaming expansion is going to lead to people having a problem with gambling who do not have a problem today.  We have to be willing to with eyes open be willing to say "This is going to be a problem for some people, but the revenue is going to be the greater good"

If the motivator is tax revenue for the state, be honest and open about that and plan on an implementation that maximizes revenue which may not be the implementation that optimizes the freedom to bet and the flexibility to bet. 

If the motivator is to give the residents and visitors to Illinois the chance to bet on sports because they should have the freedom to do so, we need to consider that 'freedom' as the dirver, not the desire for the state to generate revenue.

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