Sunday, July 21, 2019

Who Thought the Jihad Squad Was A Good Idea

Dear Illinois GOP,

If you ever want to get college-educated people under 50 back into the party, I would suggest you ask yourself 'What made someone that someone has entrusted with some level of ability to put stuff on like that on a public Facebook group".

If the answer is "Someone thinks that is the way forward for the Illinois GOP"  then I would suggest you just give up medium and long term on Cook and the collar counties.  Seriously, save your money and spend what you have outside of the area.

Just because Trump is feeling that is his path forward does not mean in any way shape or form it needs to be your path forward.  If you feel the President is thinking about the best electoral interests of anyone besides what he thinks they are for himself you are mistaken.

This sort of crap is not the way back, it isn't going to get you any undecided voters, it just reinforces the image of the GOP as the angry old white dude party.

That being said at this point part of me thinks the only way forward for the GOP is for it to become even more irrelevant at the altar of Trump at the "Easter Block", in order for the party to have any chance it may need to become a ruin.

Then again, speaking for at least one person who used to identify as Republican and I suspect others if this is your path forward, I can't wish you good luck, I can be sure I am never coming back.


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