Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pat Quinn's Rick Perry Problem...

If vetoing funding for an elected official because you want them to take a specific action is criminal, then it would appear Quinn's veto of legislative pay would be illegal too...

Actually it brings up an interesting point, if you offer a financial incentive to a legislator or legislators in order to get something done, it would obviously be illegal.

For example if I said, if you pass bill XYZ each of you gets $2,000 in cash, most people and I suspect the legal system would consider that an attempt at a bribe, and if any legislator took the money, they would likely come under suspicion of  being bribed.

Now lets say, I had a legislator working for me as an employee, since the legislature is a part time one hypothetically and I told them unless you voted for X you were not going to get paid would that be legal?  I doubt it.

Finally, there are legislators who either work for municipalities (there used to be at least a CPD officer or two if I recall) could that municipality refuse to pay that person (or lets say withhold some sort of earned payment) unless the legislator took specific action? Unlikely.

So how are any of these really different than what Quinn did with the legislature?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Paul Valas' Catbird Seat....

The one person who I think will end up a winner in November regardless of what happens is Paul Vallas.


Well he either ends up Lt. Governor for a guy who isn't going to run for another term and has 4 years to work the state and the Democratic Party as Lt. Governor.  Even if Quinn wins he isn't going to become Captain Popular  with the Democratic Party in Illinois giving Vallas a chance to be the one people like as it were...

If Quinn loses, Vallas is positioned to run for Governor in 4 years having spent time going around the state, increasing his residency time as well positioning himself as the education candidate down the road.  A Rauner governorship is not going to be a bed of roses and Vallas has always done well with the press and would be a lot for accessible for Chicago media than Mike Madigan (who is no fan of the media) and a better on camera interview (and more relevant) to a Chicagoland TV news audience than any of the other four tops would be.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Latest Sun Times Poll...

It's August so keep that in mind, but the breakdown on some of these questions is not good for Quinn....

48% Say Rauner is more likely to solve the budget issues, 24% Quinn.
46% Consider Rauner a reformer vs 21% for Quinn
40% Think Rauner understands their everyday concerns vs 38% for Quinn..

Lets look at that last one again...

40% Think Rauner understands their everyday concerns vs 38% for Quinn..

After all of the Billionaire Bruce Ruaner stuff, this is even close is not a good sign for Quinn, in large part this has been his campaign theme so far, that Rauner doesn't get you.  Well unless they made a lot of calls to the north shore, it would seem that argument isn't working to well.....

Go read the entire thing...  It has some more breakdowns that have to been giving the the Quinn campaign some concern including 17% of Democrats picking Rauner as their prefered option.

Not buying the 10% lead for Bruce right now, but still those issue numbers might be getting the Quinnsters to start thinking about a different approach. I doubt they will, but they might.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Is Pat Quinn Being Hypocritical?

Because on the one hand he is giving Rauner a hard time about the Cayman Islands investments. How it is unpatriotic and the like to have investments there. 

On the other hand, we spend money as a state to go to other places (establish trade offices and the like as well) to encourage people and companies in those places to invest in Illinois.

Is a Canadian company being disloyal to The Queen if they put money in a US bank?  Is Mitsubishi being disloyal  to Japan by having a plant in Bloomington?   

Is the state being unpatriotic when a non-us corporation gets state assistance to locate a facility here in Illinois since those funds are to the benefit of a non-us corporation?

I get that it is good politics and good politics and logical thought processes sometimes go together like nachos and dish soap, but come on.  

Calling someone unpatriotic is just one step away from Goodwins Law.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

So Bruce Has A Plan...

Not the best plan, but not a bad plan. It contains details and all the sort of things people have been asking for.  The question is can he sell it?

CapFax had this comment from Quinn's spokesperson...

“I won’t institute any new, unfair taxes on everyday services that working people rely on. It hurts working families the most to tax basic services like going to the Laundromat…like taking your child to daycare…like visiting the barber shop…or taking your dog to the vet.
We should not create a new and unfair tax burden on everyday families and the small businesses that serve them.”
As Rich points out, none of that stuff is in Rauner's plan. Also at one time Quinn proposed new taxes on services. So I guess he was for it before he was against it.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Problem About Complaining About Pay To Play...

Is you have to complain about about the players and the payers....

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mad Props To Metra....

It takes a bold level of irony, like epic levels of irony to use your logo on the bottom of e-mail notifications about train delays....

The way to really fly my rear end.

I don't think I have had 10 days straight of  round trips without at least one delay.

Let Go Your Hate...


We get it, you don't like Rauner but comparing a stupid campaign stunt to Westboro Baptist is more than a bit over the top.