Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Yes Someone Of Any Faith Or No Faith Can Be President Of The United States.

I would like to say I am shocked that this is even coming up as a thing, but I am not shocked at all...

People with different viewpoints than your own, people of different races, creeds, genders, financial backgrounds, faiths, favorite sports teams, education levels can be perfectly competent leaders of the free world.

A competent leader is not the same thing as someone who agrees with you on everything.  

There is a difference.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

This Is The End...

The Awl has an excellent story about what is going on at the Sun Times...  And I am going to offer my thoughts about what is going on.

First, assuming the design isn't terrible, content always beats design.

Secondly, old media trying trying to imitate new media is asinine.  It's a bit like me using the words bae and acting like I know who Fetty Wap is.

Third, one of the things that made the Sun Times, well the Sun Times was the unique investigative reporting.  Think The Mirage, man that was good reporting and a hell of a good story.

People say no one wants to pay for content, that's not true, people don't want to pay for content that they can for the most part get someplace else.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Was taking Metra home today and saw something that blew my mind.  I looked up and ahead of me by about 6 feet from where I was sitting was pregnant woman who was stuck standing on the train.  I was able to have someone get her attention (she was closer to the door than I was sitting) and offered her my seat.  She said yes and thanked me.

I was disappointed and shocked that no one seated closer to her than I was had made the same offer. Seriously what is wrong with people today, at the least some dudes should have already extended the offer before she ever got up to where I was sitting. I know we all like to look at our phones but come on people.

I hope we have finally reached peak selfishness in the US at this point.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A Wall With Canada, Really?

Well it appears that Scott Walker thinks a wall with Canada is something worth considering....

Dude, don't try and out Trump, Trump.  
A)  You Can't
B) When you try, you look nuts

Have to admit a bit of bias here since I have visited Canada multiple times in the last few years (about 3 or 4 times a year). I have to say, I have not met hordes nor even small groups of Canadians or folks in Canada who may not be Canadian citizens who have some sort of burning desire to sneak to the south.

Just because someone brings something up in a town hall meeting does not mean that you have to consider it.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Because the APD Does Not Like Her...

A little while back there was an incident involving some folks, including the President of Aurora University.  The police report has been put on-line and is an interesting read. You can find it here.

It ends up being for the most part a narrative of two adults who had a dispute and solved it like adults, without filing charges.

But there is a money quote in the report, that seems to require more attention and questions that it is likely to get...

"She told me she was concerned because APD does not like her....."

This came from the President of Aurora University. So the President of the local college thinks the local PD does not like her and was willing to tell an officer of that same PD that.

That's a problem.  That's something that needs to be addressed.  Someone needs to start asking questions about the relationship between the city and the University. They are a major employer and presence in the city and have been a part of the community for over a century.

It would be nice if the Beacon News looked into this some, but it appears that there haven't been any stories about it.

It seems like a question the candidates for mayor should be asked.

But sadly, I doubt anyone is asking.

Full disclosure, I took a couple of graduate school classes at AU back in the early 90's before deciding I didn't want to pursue an MBA and got a different degree from a different area school.  Also for what it is worth, the campus is much nicer now than it was back then.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Race To Be The Next Mayor Of Aurora...

Well Tom is not running for re-election so the race to be the next mayor of the second largest city in Illinois is now on...

Here are some thoughts and names of folks who I think might be running and the odds of them doing so. Lots more to come on this race, but now to the possible candidates at this point.

State Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia -- 100%
She would have to be considered the front runner at this point with good name recognition, the ability to raise some decent money all being strong points in her favor.  Also she is likely the most popular Democrat in town.

 Alderman At Large Richard Irvin -- 80%
Well he has run for mayor before and had the backing of the police union (not sure if he would get it this time) he has raised decent money in the past and might be able to do so again if he leverages his Republican contact.

Alderman At Large Bob O'Connor -- 50%
He ran against Linda as the Republican candidate when the seat was created after the 2000 census. Willing to work hard when running, he was able to even get Denny Hastert to do a fundraiser for him when he ran against Linda (full disclosure: I gave him money and singed an ad for him during that race).  He would be the old guard candidate ie the guy most likely to know the most people at the Aurora Country Club.

Juan Thomas -- 90%
Former Aurora Township Clerk.  Well he runs for stuff a lot, including  the 11th congressional district, West Aurora School Board, Township Clerk and is the current Aurora Township Democratic Party chair. Would make sense he takes a shot at Mayor.

Now the folks who may be thinking about it

John Shoemaker -
Aurora Township highway commissioner.  I think my odds on him running may be high, but his family name is well known in town and he has been around for a little while, with the factions within the Democrats in town, he might be the 'other faction' choice to make a run.,

Kane County Clerk Jack Cunningham -
Current Kane County Clerk, he ran last time getting into the race at the last minute. He held office in Aurora under the old commissioner system at one time.  I would be surprised if he isn't at least thinking about it.

 Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen --
The rumor has been Chris has been itching to run for mayor of Aurora.  For what it is worth, Aurora loves Chris.

Clayton Muhammad --
Current City of Aurora Director of Communications and founder of the Boys || Men organization in Aurora.

At least one person from Naperville Township --
Not sure who this person may be, but there is at least one person who lives east of Eola road who is giving it some thought,.

OneMan --

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Last Trip To Springfield...

Thanks to Gifted Ed days and some other things, I have been down to Springfield multiple times with my kids, tomorrow marks what is likely the last chance I get to do that. Going down to our state capital one last time as a chaperone for the youngests 8th grade trip.

Not sure if we are even visiting the Capital, I kind of hope we do because if nothing else I might get a chance to show some kids the Secretary of State's office one last time.  Always one of the coolest things to do when in the building IMHO and it has always been a hit with the kids.

Had the chance to see kids talk to several legislators, in particular I would have to call out John Fritchey who on previous trips was always awesome and took time to talk to either just one of my kids or with a whole group.  Same holds true for Dan Rutherford  and Christ Lauzen who was always nice, even when I wasn't on his best side as it were.

Also thinking about how 7 years ago, my daughter managed to get us into Rod's office...

So we will see how long we have in the Capital and see if the governor is in (FYI any staffer, Rich knows how to get a hold of me) and may reach out to a legislator or two.

But I just wanted to say, complain about government but when it comes down to it, most people approach it with a servant heart and agree or disagree with them, be thankful for that.