Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Vinson was not told that she could not fly,"

Multiple sources are reporting that the second health care professional in the US who has contacted Ebola contacted the CDC about her low grade fever and was not told she shouldn't fly...

Ok, this may not be Katrina big, but this is the sort of thing we kind of just assume that the government would get right.  Part of the argument (and a good one I would add) for entities like the CDC is to be the voice of caution in situations like these. That they are the ones who would offer the 'safe yet not nuts' perspective.

This (sort of like dealing with the immediate aftermath of Katrina) is the thing we all expect government to do.  To have a plan, to step in an implement that plan. When it doesn't it leads to general suspicion of the government to do anything.

It's not like the idea of a bad communicable disease coming to America isn't a unique idea. Heck Hollywood has been riding that horse for a long time.

If He Fails to Win Re-Election...

It's cheap and since he uses a push mower, it's green..............

Monday, October 13, 2014

Get Better Karen...

Sorry you are not going be running.... Get better.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Interesting Responses....

The Beacon is reporting on a Oswego Party where 45 teens were arrested for underage drinking.

The interesting thing is since the Sun Times still has not enabled comments on their stories on the web (can't say I fault them) the comments have moved to the story link on Facebook.  The thoughts seem to break down to people who think this is no big deal and the police should not have been involved and those folks who disagree.

One thing to keep in context here is that 5 Oswego teens were killed in a 2007 DUI accident, something that was a big news story in Chicagoland at the time and still hangs over Oswego.  So keep that in mind...

Heck Of An Endorsement...

There was a heck of an endorsement in the Illinois 84 house race from the Daily Herald.

A year ago, we endorsed Krishna Bansal of Aurora in his campaign for the school board in Indian Prairie Unit District 204. There was an obvious reason for that, and it is the same reason we are endorsing Bansal today for the Illinois House: He is an extraordinary candidate in terms of temperament, personal achievement and thoughtful vision for the future. Let us repeat the point for emphasis. Bansal is not just a good candidate, he's an extraordinary one, and we hope the voters give him the opportunity to represent the 84th House District that includes of parts of Aurora, Naperville, Montgomery and Oswego.

Any candidate R or D would be thrilled to get that kind of endorsement.

Got message tested on this race a while back, took a good 10+ minute phone call and there least two questions, that would be considered by some, to be blunt, borderline racist.  They referred indirectly to India as a third world country and I think that is language that some people would have a real problem with.  They were negative message testing on both candidates (it wasn't a push and if it was it was the worse push poll ever) and actually learned several negative things about my current state rep.  Most of the stuff they tested on Bansal was more guilt by association for some fundraising and about people who supported him.

Don't know what the polling looks like, but it might be interesting.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

So if the developer is talking about all these restaurant spaces in downtown Aurora?

Does that mean restaurant row might finally be dead?  Considering the amount of restaurant spaces this developer is talking about and I am sure there might not be anyone who thinks we need more TIF development of restaurant space in downtown Aurora, is there?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Karen Lewis & Being Picky...

If this election is starting to annoy you, you can always look to the next one and I have to admit the Mayors race in Chicago looks like it is going to be fun.

Full disclosure I don't live in Chicago...

I have a friend and former classmate who does, she also has quite the following on Facebook and is a liberal.  I think she would freely admit that herself and when she posts stuff on facebook most of her friends (not all) tend to agree with her and if anything tend to be more liberal.

So I have to say I am quite surprised while they don't appear to be Rahm fans, they also don't seem to like Karen Lewis much.  The thing is, they don't seem to have a big issue with her views,  some don't seem to like her brashness, some are unhappy with her leadership of the CTU. But I didn't see a whole lot who disagree with her proposals and her viewpoint.  The issues seemed to be with her as a person.

I think they would be happier if she was more like Toni Preckwinkle a bit calmer, a bit less in your face. Turned down from 11 to lets say 7 or so...

The problem is you can't ever find the perfect candidate, It's a simple fact of life.

The other thing that I think is a fact, that if you want significant policy change from Rahm you are going to have to get a significant personality change from Rahm as well.  That that requires someone who is going to make people uncomfortable.

That person is Karen Lewis.

I am not saying change is needed, but what I am saying is if you want change it isn't going to come from in someone who looks or acts like the last two mayors of Chicago.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Called Message Testing...

Zorn had something about some 'polling' Rahm's folks did about Karen Lewis.  He wasn't real happy with the questions and referred to it as a push poll.

It sounds to me like message testing, which to be honest is IMHO the coolest type of poll to be called for.  Why?  Because it can give you a preview of what might be coming up in the election.  Got called on one of those for my local state rep race, learned all sorts of new 'issues' about my current state rep as well as all sorts of stuff about the guy running against her. Some of it borderline questionable (there was a question that implied India was a third world nation). Still don't know which of them put the poll out there.

Haven't seen any mail about the race and no cable ads so not sure if it is even considered a real race and if they have tried any of the messages.  But it is a bit like watching the fall TV season preview, you get all the best bits from a political junkie viewpoint.

That having been said...

I have to say, not being Pat Quinn is a compelling reason to vote for Bruce..

This Election Season Is Reminding Me..

Why I decided to step back from stuff some.  This isn't much fun anymore.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pat Quinn's Rick Perry Problem...

If vetoing funding for an elected official because you want them to take a specific action is criminal, then it would appear Quinn's veto of legislative pay would be illegal too...

Actually it brings up an interesting point, if you offer a financial incentive to a legislator or legislators in order to get something done, it would obviously be illegal.

For example if I said, if you pass bill XYZ each of you gets $2,000 in cash, most people and I suspect the legal system would consider that an attempt at a bribe, and if any legislator took the money, they would likely come under suspicion of  being bribed.

Now lets say, I had a legislator working for me as an employee, since the legislature is a part time one hypothetically and I told them unless you voted for X you were not going to get paid would that be legal?  I doubt it.

Finally, there are legislators who either work for municipalities (there used to be at least a CPD officer or two if I recall) could that municipality refuse to pay that person (or lets say withhold some sort of earned payment) unless the legislator took specific action? Unlikely.

So how are any of these really different than what Quinn did with the legislature?