Thursday, May 04, 2017

When You Sign An Executive Order About Religious Freedom..

If the ACLU decides not to file suit you likely didn't go that far...

Just a thought, people who are fans of limited government should be fans of entities like the ACLU, Institue for Justice or other groups or entities that ask the question "Is this something government is allowed to do". Regardless if you agree or disagree with what they are challenging,  it is important and necessary to ask the question, constantly.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Well It Looks Like Richard is Going to be Our New Mayor

Blogged about Richard's first run back in 2005,,, A lot has happened since then, including a surprising result of the primary for the race for mayor this time around (I really thought it was going to end up Richard vs Linda)...

Richard is a good guy and I have given him money in the past.

I will say it is a bit disappointing that 7,547 votes can get you elected mayor of a city of 200,000 people.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Primary....

Fundamentally a primary helps every candidate besides Linda.  She has the best name recognition and has raised the most money (with the potential to raise more) a single round helps her significantly more than anyone else. Turnout in general in this race is going to be low so name recognition is going to be helpful, she can take full advantage of her money advantage.

 If you are any other candidate your best bet is to get into a one on one round with Linda where those advantages she has are mitigated.

You can force a primary with 5 candidates, this includes write-in candidates so if you want to force a second round it isn't that hard. You just need to get one or two folks to run as write-in candidates and you have a second round.

I fully expect that we will have two rounds.

Really Guzman...

The Beacon had some more about petitions and primaries and the like for the mayor's race in Aurora.

I would suggest you read the article, but it appears that Guzman offered some assistance to get someone else on the ballot (which would force a primary).  The nature of that assistance is what the question and discussion is about.

We are going to start here

Guzman responded Saturday by calling Chapa LaVia's allegations "ludicrous and politically motivated" and said she picked on del Bosque's petitions "knowing that he did not have the money, resources or connections to enter into an expensive and protracted legal process."

Thanks to election commission you can see his filing here. You need 439 valid signatures to be on the ballot, he submitted 57 pages with 14 lines on each page so that would be a potential maximum of 798 (the most you can submit is 703), it looks like 662 lines were filled out and not scratched out. Some of these are going to have issues (I saw one Warrenville for example).  But he may very well have enough valid signatures.

But then

Chapa LaVia's campaign has contended that Guzman and his campaign helped collect petition signatures for del Bosque, then had them notarized incorrectly without the actual petition passers present. Chapa LaVia's campaign referred to that as "fraud."

Found more on this rule explicitly in Colorado, but I did find this from a candidate in Illinois also something along the same lines from Frerichs campaign here.
You must sign as the circulator of the petition before a Notary Public licensed in Illinois and the Notary Public must affix his/her seal or stamp
That's kind of what a Notary does.  So if this did happen that is an issue, if it didn't happen I don't see why you would incur an expensive legal battle you would just need to testify.

Guzman even offers a defense

n Saturday, Guzman released a statement saying that while he did help del Bosque, "in no uncertain terms" was fraud committed. He also said neither he nor any campaign workers or volunteers circulated petitions for del Bosque. He also said Illinois case law clearly allows petitions to be notarized without the petition passer present "if the circulator believes that they are under oath when they sign their name to the petition attesting that they personally collected the signatures on the form."
Then share the case law with the dude and help him out.  It isn't that complicated...

It's the second largest city in the state man, this isn't nor should it be patty cake.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Really Kirk....

At best it indicates the stroke had a mental impact on him that means he shouldn't be in the Senate, at worse, well...

I think at this point, he should be thankful for early voting and those trying to keep the senate in GOP hands should be thankful they can spend money in other places at this point...

Monday, October 03, 2016

Remember When Eric Zorn Would Put Stuff on Facebook That Wasn't About Trump or Folk Music...

I do...

But follow him now...

It's Anti-Trump stuff, the occasional a vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein is a waste and folk music stuff and Michigan football. For some reason, he doesn't seem to do much or anything negative about Clinton.  Not a big deal nor a surprise since he is a columnist and has an opinion and that is part of his job.

I am not sure if putting content on Facebook is part of the Tronic plan or something but spending time writing about how the guy who writes Dilbert is endorsing Trump and being critical of the why seems a bit, well, trite.

First lets get this out of the way, I am not voting for Trump.  Have never been a fan.

But lets look at the three reasons "the increasingly batshit" -- Zorn's words Adams gives that Zorn references...

Scott Adams gives him the nod because, primarily, it seems he hates inheritance taxes. Also because Hillary doesn't look healthy to his practiced, cartoonists' eye. And because he thinks the main job of being president is persuading people and he thinks Trump is good at that.

Ok... He hates inheritance taxes.  Well I don't think that is a "batshit" political viewpoint, as that bastion of conservative viewpoint Mother Jones points out (admittedly old data) 68% of Americans back in 2010 were in favor of a complete repeal.  It might be hard to believe that a guy who has created something likely worth tens of millions of dollars might not want that value to be reduced when he dies and have it go to the government.

He doesn't think Hilary looks health "to his practiced, caroonists' eye". I guess Zorn has a point here, looking forward to Zorn's commentary about those who implied various reasons for Trumps sniffing.

The main job of being president is persuading people.  I think Adams is on to something here, it may not be the 'main job' but it is a huge part of the job.  As a leader of any entity where you need to get others to agree with you to get stuff done, getting people to agree with you is a big part of it.  A big chunk of FDRs success was his ability to get others to agree with him, even when it turned out to be unconstitutional.  Imagine if  Governor Quinn who was in favor of increasing taxes (and making that change permanent) and  increasing the minimum wage (which was on the ballot and won) was able to convince the legislature to make that happen?

Don't underestimate the need for the Commander in Chief to be the Salesperson and Chief.

Zorn says he may write about other stuff after the election and I am looking forward to that.  

Saturday, August 20, 2016

So Madigan Had A Fundraiser For Linda Chapa-LaVia

Full disclosure: I have given a small amount of money to Linda recently, it was not at this fundraiser. When she first ran for State Rep I gave money to her opponent and publicly endorsed him. I have in the past also given money and attended fundraisers for Richard Irvin.

An the other candidates are all up in arms about it.

Wow, where to start with this.

Well considering Guzman appears to be Tom's guy in this race, If you take this argument at face value I would have to say I would rather Madigan's candidate be mayor vs Tom's guy be mayor. For what it is worth I don't think it is as much of a Madigan play as they are making it out to be.

Besides Richard, I think it is hard to imagine any of the other candidates saying no to a Madigan fundraiser.  Heck Saville has raised so little money he can file on paper (and does).

What it would be interesting for the local newspaper to do, is look at whom and given to who and look for some patterns.

You might find one candidate seems to get a decent % of money from developers and people who work in real estate, you might find another candidate seems to get a decent % of their money from local lawyers, you might find one gets a decent % from PACs.

That might be interesting.

But that would require the sort of reporting that the Beacon just doesn't do anymore (if they ever did).  There may be a local blogger who might start sharing that as more financial information comes in.

Not saying who mind you....

The Beacon Learns that Aurora Exists South of Ogden.

There was a fatal accident on Heggs and 30, if you live out in this part of town this does not come as a surprise to you at all.

The Wolf's Crossing (not Wolf road as the article I am going to link to says) intersection at 30 gets backed up going westbound past Eola during morning and evening rush.  It gets worse once school starts with the buses headed to both Oswego East, kids driving to OE and buses headed down to Murphy Jr High.  The change in the intersection of 30  & Wolfs Crossing to use a left turn lane helps, but a light with a turn arrow (as was suggested when speedway went in and ignored) would also help.  Changing the interval on the light would also be a good idea to give traffic on Wolfs crossing more time during the AM  might help.

But hey, the Beacon News is now on it.  The Beacon News has discovered at least for a moment that there is part of Aurora that exists south of 34 and attends the Oswego school district.  But in traditional Beacon News style, they made sure that they didn't really start asking questions until something bad enough happened that the government entities involved were going to have to take immediate action.

Some newspapers report on things that lead to government action, the Beacon waits until government is already going to do something so that way no one looks bad.

Sometimes I think there is a sign in the newsroom (such as it is now) that says "Make Sure No One In Aurora Area Government Looks Bad"

Monday, March 14, 2016


US Senate

James Marter gets at least 35% of the vote.

Democratic Presidential

Sanders by 3%


Trump wins Illinois, Kasich

Kane County

Lauzen mops the floor with Shepro

Dr. Bob & Martinez both in squeakers.

State Rep:

Madigan wins by 20%
Dunkin by 5%

Cook County Attorney General

Foxx by 10%