Friday, April 30, 2004

Chicago Tribune | Stand on labor sets Ryan apart: "Ryan is supporting retention of the Davis-Bacon Act, which requires contractors for the federal government to pay workers what amounts to the going rate for union wages."

-- Cool. Sounds like a good idea to me. Madigan: Approve more casino licenses: "April 29, 2004 "Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has some advice for the governor and state lawmakers about the new casino deal. She says if the state wants to earn any new revenue from casino gambling, the general assembly had better approve more gaming licenses."

-- Glad to see someone is looking into logical alternatives. I don't like gaming but it seems better than all the other 'revenue' ideas that are being pushed. It seems it is either, A:gaming B:income tax increase C:fee and tax businesses to death:. Sorry I pick A
Chicago Tribune | Slumping Blagojevich goes 0 for 2: "SPRINGFIELD -- A federal judge in Chicago opened a new $125 million hole in the state's current budget Thursday by ruling that Gov. Rod Blagojevich could not tap the funds of a state-linked environmental foundation to help solve Illinois' fiscal crisis."

-- Hey why not start adding the beer tax to NA beer, grape juice and soda? Makes as much sense as making trains pay into the road fund...
Four Treasury agents track bin Laden and Saddam money, while 21 work Castro: "The Treasury Department agency entrusted with blocking the financial resources of terrorists has assigned five times as many agents to investigate Cuban embargo violations as it has to track Osama bin Laden's and Saddam Hussein's money, documents show. "

-- Because you have to keep an eye on that Cuba, the 21 on Cuba doesn't bother me nearly as much the idea of only 4 on terror.

OneMan - NFL - Student who railed against Tillman apologizes: "Gonzalez said he was trying to convey that Tillman's celebrity came into play when the former Arizona Cardinals player was labeled a hero.
'I felt that his celebrity had been a factor in American society calling him a 'hero,' and I felt American society had arrived at that conclusion without much thinking, but rather as some sort of patriotic 'knee-jerk' into hero worship,' he wrote. 'That was my point. I did it [admittedly] in such an insensitive way, that the article was not worth publishing.'"

-- I would argue that if that was your point you didn't just do it in ans insensative way, but in a really inefective way. Your column was a rant about a great many things against the war on terror. Nice backpedal.


Thursday, April 29, 2004

Follow the link so you don't think I am making this up.News From KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY of DPRK:

" Ryongchon, April 27 (KCNA) -- The Korean people's spirit of guarding the leader with their very lives was fully displayed when there was an unexpected explosion at Ryongchon Railway Station in Ryongchon County, North Phyongan Province, on April 22. Upon hearing the sound of the heavy explosion on their way home for lunch, Choe Yong Il and Jon Tong Sik, workers of the County Procurement Shop, ran back to the shop. They were buried under the collapsing building to die a heroic death when they were trying to come out with portraits of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il.
When the building of Ryongchon Primary School was destroyed by the violent storm and the classroom on the third floor caught fire, teacher Han Un Suk, 32, also died after bringing portraits of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il to a place of safety from the classroom and saving seven pupils.
Teacher Han Jong Suk, 56, also breathed her last with portraits in her bosom.
Principal of the school Choe Pyong Ryop and his son rushed to the accident scene and evacuated materials concerning the revolutionary ideas and immortal exploits of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il from the school, wrapped in fire.
Such noble deed was also done by Head of the County Nursery Pak Sun Mi and seven nurses including Jang Yon Hui, Ri Pong Suk and Principal of Ryongchon Middle School Kang Yong Su. Many people of the county evacuated portraits before searching after their family members or saving their household goods. "

-- People risked their lives to save pictures? Someday these people are going to taste fredom and reality and they are going to have no idea how to respond. When comunisum finally fails in that country it is going to be very scary....

Looks like over at the Tom Cross web site they met their fundraising goal. Lets see if we can get it over $3K. Go on over and make a donation.
I got this in an e-mail today, I am not going to make it a habit of putting up things people just send. But he was only the second person to do it and nice enought to answer a couple of questions for me so here it is. I am assuming the name other stuff is accurate since it seems to match the letter that was on the leader here. So here it is.

An open letter to Conservative Catholics

As part of a grassroots effort, the Republican National Committee is reaching out to Catholics this election cycle. One of the ongoing efforts is to identify parish leaders within each Catholic church to help communicate that it is the GOP that best exemplifies traditional Catholic values in America.

This is a truly grassroots effort, attempting to build a relationship with Catholics at the Parish level. The GOP is seeking Conservative Catholics, who are active church goers. These people will lead the effort to get the facts out to Catholic voters, and to register conservative Catholics to vote. The Parish Leaders will receive information from the RNC in support of their activities.

This is an important element in the effort to re-elect President Bush, and elect Republicans at the statewide level. As Catholics, it will enable us to be heard on issues such as abortion, stem cell research, gay marriage, and any number of other issues

Illinois has a large Catholic population. Catholics in the State of Illinois could enable the President to win here, and provide the Democratic Machine a big surprise come November. The only way to enable this scenario is to become involved.

To become involved , please email

George Dienhart

The Campus Newspaper site that originally had this is too busy but I found it on usnet via google
"Pat Tillman is not a hero: He got what was coming to him By Rene Gonzalez April 28, 2004:"

I will just include this little snippet.

Al-Qaeda won't be defeated in Afghanistan, even if we did kill all
their operatives there. Only through careful and logical changing of the underlying conditions that allow for the ideology to foster will
Al-Qaeda be defeated.

-- I will defend your right to say what you want, I will also defend the right of people to think you are a complete tool.

Do people really think Al-Qaeda and people who blow them selves up or trains up are doing it because anything than pure hate? I can't even remotely understand where this dude is coming from.

The fact you get to enjoy security and peace provided by people who have made a choice to join the millitary and seem to completely fail to understand that blows my mind.


"Members of the Illinois Coalition for Fair Fuel Taxes scheduled a press conference in Springfield this morning, calling on state legislators to reject the 21.5-cent-per-gallon tax Mr. Blagojevich wants to impose on non-highway vehicles. The governor wants the levy on freight locomotives, bulldozers, mining machinery, forklifts and other industrial equipment to help fill the state's budget gap. "

-- Let me get this right we are going to charge railroads the tax we use to fix up roads? Another great Blago 'fee' that is going to result in nothing more than lost jobs and revenue in the long run.

Follow the story for the full scoop.

Get a free iTune download Ben & Jerry's Rock the Vote!

Beyond Stupid to read it while it is still up go here. Otherwise read below

ABC Nightline Pre-emption

The ABC Television Network announced on Tuesday that the Friday, April 30 edition of "Nightline" will consist entirely of Ted Koppel reading aloud the names of U.S. servicemen and women killed in action in Iraq. Despite the denials by a spokeswoman for the show, the action appears to be motivated by a political agenda designed to undermine the efforts of the United States in Iraq.

There is no organization that holds the members of our military and those soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in service of our country in higher regard than Sinclair Broadcast Group. While Sinclair would support an honest effort to honor the memory of these brave soldiers, we do not believe that is what "Nightline" is doing. Rather, Mr. Koppel and "Nightline" are hiding behind this so-called tribute in an effort to highlight only one aspect of the war effort and in doing so to influence public opinion against the military action in Iraq. Based on published reports, we are aware of the spouse of one soldier who died in Iraq who opposes the reading of her husband's name to oppose our military action. We suspect she is not alone in this viewpoint. As a result, we have decided to preempt the broadcast of "Nightline' this Friday on each of our stations which air ABC programming.

We understand that our decision in this matter may be questioned by some. Before you judge our decision, however, we would ask that you first question Mr. Koppel as to why he chose to read the names of 523 troops killed in combat in Iraq, rather than the names of the thousands of private citizens killed in terrorist attacks since and including the events of September 11, 2001. In his answer, we believe you will find the real motivation behind his action scheduled for this Friday. Unfortunately, we may never know for sure because Mr. Koppel has refused repeated requests from Sinclair's News Central news organization to comment on this Friday's program.

I can't find a link to ABC's response yet. I fail to understand how helping America understand the cost of the war on terror in Iraq in human lives is a bad thing. It makes you think and that no matter what you think is not a bad thing. I support the war, however you still need to think about, reflect and understand it's very real costs.

Go over and read at ArchPundit: Next, I'll Reinvent Addition and Subtraction. He references a Trib article about how the Govs. school numbers don't add up. Take a look at what he has to say and follow the link in his stuff to see what the Trib has to say.

OneMan - Uri Geller protests ABC adoption show - Apr 29, 2004:

"Geller claims the ABC '20/20' show is an exact rip-off of his yet-to-be published novel 'Nobody's Child' which follows a reality TV game show where five couples compete to win a baby.
'I'm outraged and angry. I can't believe that such a show will go on,' he told Reuters."

-- To read more about Uri Geller go over to James Randi's site. Can this whole thing get any stranger?
It appears at least to
Sneed it is time to put the smackdown on the Gov.


"Are Gov. Blago and his staff living under a rock?
*Consider: After a year of silence, Blago scheduled his first 'women's issues' press conference on the day women who would have attended -- and 1 million others -- were in the nation's capital marching for women's lives Sunday.

*Consider: Sneed hears a group of top Illinois women activists are wondering how they find out what exists under the rock."

-- I suspect whatever it is it has a lot of hair and a lot of new debt.
She makes a good point, however I suspect he chose the date so some people would not be there...


Tsk. tsk. Memo to Gov. Blago's Deputy Gov. Bradley Tusk. Your speech at the induction of the Illinois Lincoln Academy laureates at the Chicago Historical Society recently went over like a lead balloon. I know it was meant to be funny, but I'm told laughter was scarce. It was a big enough snub that your boss has skipped the dinner two years in a row, and it was gracious of you to come, but bragging about New York, whence you came, is a bit declasse. Get it?

-- First, he has skipped the dinner... come on it is in Chicago a short drive. It's not like it was down in Springfield, God forbid he would have to go down to Springfield.

Secondly yeah the braging about New York at an event to honor Illinois finest is rather stupid, like bragging about steak at a vegitarian group meeting, dork.

Perhaps someone is using Sneed to send a message to Blago...


Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I am watching the West Wing while working on something and just saw an add from the Communications Workers of America about the outsourcing of US Tech Jobs with a reference to TechsUnite.

There was a reference to outsourcing in last weeks West Wing that the ad referenced to.

A group is referencing things in a fictonal TV show in their ads.

Also while we talk about the media....

This week's 20/20 is extraordinary. It is the story of an adoption of one baby, but it involves the lives of five families who want to adopt the child, and a 16-year-old pregnant girl who wants to find a loving home for her baby while still remaining part of his life. She wants a very "open" adoption.

-- Great now ABC provides a new show: Who Wants To Be A Parent? Too stupid and sick to even comment about really. Hey lets watch some people be crushed on TV.

Chicago Tribune | State budget fight heats up: "Gov. Rod Blagojevich sent a clear signal Tuesday that he will take a hard line with the legislature over his $53 billion budget plan, saying rank-and-file lawmakers come from a 'narrow-minded, special interest-focused mindset' and vowing to take his case to the public." Empahsis OneMan

-- Another quick thought on this one. Does that include the Democratic Senate Canidate State Sen. Barak Obama? Since he is a rank and file member of the Senate. Might make a good ad for Jack Ryan.


Yahoo! News - 'Nightline' Devotes Show to Reading War Dead Names: "Koppel will read aloud the names of those killed since the March 2003 start of the Iraq war on the Friday edition of ABC News 'Nightline,' the network said on Tuesday. The reading will be accompanied by a photograph of each person named. "

-- It should be a powerful reminder of the price people pay to make us safe.
Some more thoughts on the Cheif over at The Peoria Pundit, Zorn a blog posting from someone who was part of the sit-in.

-- I think it is up to the school if they want to keep the Cheif, however I always thought some kid dancing like that looked a bit goofy.
Chicago Tribune | Senator tells U. of I. to bounce Illiniwek:

"Although Jones called on Gov. Rod Blagojevich to take an active role against the Illiniwek, spokeswoman Abby Ottenhoff said the governor believes the decision should be up to trustees.

Blagojevich has sidestepped the issue, saying he had never seen the chief perform."

-- Yeah right, Oh then again U of I doesn't play many games north of I-80.
I think they should rename his after Blago, how about Cheif Chickenfeathers or Brave who acts not brave.
Over at the Leader
Joyce writes about earth day and the move by Republicans to stop the zero funding of the open space fund.

The thesis this week. Earth day is a pesudo-religous commie plot or
the government buying open space is bad.

" 'Illinois Republican legislators chose Earth Day to kick off an effort to stop Gov. Rod Blagojevich from cutting state funding for parks and natural areas,' according to Scott Richardson's article in the Bloomington Pantagraph."

-- Again I fail to undestand why she freaks out about the government buying open space? If taxpayers are willing to pay for it and voters are in favor of it, isn't that what democracy is about. I could understand if the money was being used to prevent people from developing land they own. Someday if she hasn't already she needs to go see the cook county forest preserves and see how they are a great asset to the area and help improve property values.

More Joyce
The day the Republicans chose to kick off their effort was Earth Day (which is also Lenin's Birthday as both are April 22). Isn't that interesting - considering Mikhail Gorbechev leads the large earthy organization, "Green Cross International" and this group would believe in government-owned open space.

-- It is also the day the Germans first used in poison gas WW I. It is also the birthday of various other well know people including Charlotte Rae and Jack Nicholson perhaps they are part of the plot as well.

Still More Joyce
Former Vice President Al Gore joined the board of a waterless urinal company late last year to further the dry toilet cause and to help avert what many environmentalists believe is a looming international water crisis.

-- Ummm as a long time user of Urinals I would argue the amount of water used by them or even if water is used by them does not really change my opinion of the quality of one. Also what does this have to do with your argument. Al Gore supports something therefore it must be bad?

Why would a waterless urinal be bad, since it costs money to move water to the urinal as well as process the water out of the urinal there would less water used and processed therefore requiring less public expenditure on the infrastructure needed to deal with water and urine. That may result in fewer pipes that need to be run to deal with waste products and reduce the need to government to dig up people's back yards to lay more pipe. Joyce you should be all over this idea.

Again I have never walked out of a mens room thinking 'Wow that used a lot of water to flush so therefore I feel I had a better urinal experience'

Still more Joyce
It wasn't until the Clinton/Gore administration did we go to such extremes that we can no longer afford the demands. Studies prove that wealthier countries are cleaner. As the extremists try to close power plants and factories and take the land out of use, promote the congestion of Smart Growth planning, the United States may find itself along side the poor nations and our environment will truly suffer.

-- Ok so some environmental regulations are ok with Joyce. Just not what changed under Clinton. So why is helping local park districts buy land a bad thing for Republicans to promote?

Chicago Tribune | State budget fight heats up: "Gov. Rod Blagojevich sent a clear signal Tuesday that he will take a hard line with the legislature over his $53 billion budget plan, saying rank-and-file lawmakers come from a 'narrow-minded, special interest-focused mindset' and vowing to take his case to the public.

Standing before Chicago TV cameras 200 miles from where the legislature was waiting to negotiate, Blagojevich said he had no need to go to the state Capitol as his predecessors have done to hammer out differences on critical spending and revenue issues."

-- Go down to Springfield? Argh, he'll get cotties or something.

Calling the state legislature names is not going to do anything for your cause. You know Rod we have different branches of government for a reason. You are not a dictator, contrary to what you may think or want to be true. If it is going to be your way or no-way at least say so. That way when we start to hammer you on all this debt in two years we can remind the voters of Illinois that this was all your idea.

"I think it's sort of irresponsible for him to make those remarks while we are down here working," said Sen. Donne Trotter (D-Chicago), the Senate Democrats' budget expert. "According to his words, we are doing nothing. I don't know if he really knows what's going on down here in Springfield."

-- Well duh' also there is no way Madigan lets him walk all over the legislature this time around, if he does it is going to make Mike look weak and make it harder for him to raise money and wield power. That is not going to happen.

Remember Rod the image of the closed St. Charles youth center is already going to make a good TV comercial against you some day when you run for higher office.

You cant run for President if you can't ballance your budget without a huge debt bomb.

Senate leader: Dump the Chief: "Senate President Emil Jones issued an ultimatum to the University of Illinois on Tuesday: Get rid of Chief Illiniwek by next month or face tighter ''scrutiny'' of school spending."

-- How much do you want to bet that any money taken away from U of I ends up going to Chicago State University They also named their convocation center after the Senator.

Glad to see he finally figured out this is a problem after all of these years of people complaining about the Chief, or could he just be using this to free up money for Chicago State? Naw, I just being cynical.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Over at eCampaign Weblog they have some coverage of the Rep Tom Cross weblog and the fundraising he is doing and the outreach that should spring forth. If you want to give $3 go here. "The head of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce is stepping up his attack on business-related fee increases proposed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich, suggesting the governor is trying to short-circuit the legislative process.
In a letter to House Speaker Michael Madigan, Chamber President and CEO Douglas Whitley says Mr. Blagojevich has yet to provide details of $450 million in proposed increases, even though the legislature is scheduled to adjourn just over a month from now."

-- Well it all depends on how much he can borrow.....
Over at ArchPundit he offers his thoughts on the Malpractice Reform plan being pushed by the state house GOP.

I guess just a couple of comments on his comments. Smaller hospitals can and do support Neuro docs, they do in Michigan (I sailed with a guy once who described him self as a 'small town brain surgon') who worked in a small city in Michigan. Also the transport time to St. Louis can quite litteraly be a killer for people.

Also the fact fewer docs are delivering babies all the time shoud be a bigger concern in most places that anything else.

As for the 500K limit and the fact that attorneys fees can not come out of that amount strikes me as a good idea. Again I have a bias since Mrs. OneMan has to buy malpractice insurance.


Monday, April 26, 2004

Now this is a productive way to use a messageboard.

-- Most times I am joking with Mrs. OneMan when I say the deep south starts south of Kankakee, sometimes I am not so sure.
Chicago Tribune | Madigan hints end to governor's honeymoon: "Lawmakers say they are tired of Blagojevich portraying them as part of an old cabal representing the worst of policymaking.

Democrats and Republicans alike complain Blagojevich has shunned Springfield and the General Assembly and its governmental role, making it hard to negotiate with him."

-- You mean you need to go to Springfield to talk to lawmakers when they are in session. You know how long of a flight that is every day! Can't they just move everything up to the Thompson Center?
Priceless (qt movie)
From the Trib:Hale found guilty

-- Why is it these guys seem to represent the white race (if there really is such a thing) in such a way as to defeat their own argument. It is your right to have these views, it is not your right to try and have a judge killed.
Also saw the new Yahoo ad with Ben Stein and Al Franken in it. Rather funny since Al Franken says Republicans use Yahoo to look for yachts.

Ummm Al I think that's what John Kerry uses it for.

Watch the ad (the first link) it's kind of funny. Look at John Kerrys Yacht registration (second link).
Over at the Qur'an Blog he has some notes on the Cat protest down in Peoria.
New delay for Rosemont casino: "The goal to get a Rosemont casino up and running by May 2005 is in bigger doubt."

-- Hey no problem, it's not like we were counting on that so the state could pay it's bills and.. oh wait we are. Time to put that new spending in Chicago on the Discover card.
Chicago Tribune | State's highway plan sends drivers down bumpy road: "In releasing his state highway plan covering the next seven years, Gov. Rod Blagojevich is betting that road conditions look pretty darn good to Illinois drivers.

And that he won't be around to take the blame in 2010 or so when the asphalt hits the fan"

-- I am sure roads in Chicago will be fine... Isn't that where everyone lives anyway?

Sunday, April 25, 2004

From more on Waffle Boy

"'I gave back, I can't remember, 6, 7, 8, 9 medals,' Kerry said in an interview on a Washington, D.C. news program on WRC-TV's called Viewpoints on November 6, 1971, according to a tape obtained by ABCNEWS.
Throughout his presidential campaign, Kerry has denied that he threw away any of his 11 medals during an anti-war protest in April, 1971. "

-- So what is it, I suspect it is none.
I am reminded of something else from the other night. How cool it is to be involved in politics for a host of reasons.

One of the big ones is a reason most people I think wouldn't suspect. Talking to canidates and office holders is nice, but talking to their staffers and 'pros' is even cooler in a lot of ways. Since politics is not even remotely how I make a living or related to how I make a living I approach it from a given perspective. When you get to talk to pros you get insight on a bunch of different things. Issues ranging from strategy all the way down to simple logistics the guys who deal with this stuff for a living just seem to have a lot of offer. They are belivers who are willing to stake their livelyhoods on those ideals, if someone I have done stuff for loses an election, that sucks but it doesn't keep me from paying the mortage next month.

So I guess what I am suggesting here is next time you go to an event or fundraiser after you get your 60 seconds with the canidate or office holder talk to the people with them for 5 minutes. You'll get something out of it.

Well a few things going on. Was at an event the other night where I got to hear both Rep. Tom Cross (R-Oswego) and Steve R. speak.

First Steve R. it was really nice to hear someone speak after an election that didn't have a trace of anger or bitterness. That was Steve, he came accross as truly happy just to have had the experience and it was good to see him still out speaking to groups. It seems that even people who have offices currently kind of go into hiding when they lose a primary or something for a higher office. I hope Steve does run for Governor when the time comes, he has my vote.

Tom Cross was the featured speaker at the event and spoke about a host of subjects including malpractice reform. You can guess what topic I am going to focus on.

Soon there will no neurosurgons south of Springfield in this state.
Soon there will no neurosurgons who treat head trama in Will County (300K people) and only one neurosurgon in the entire county.
Soon it will very hard to find an Ob/Gyn who delivers babies in Will County. To get more of an idea of the impact of this issue in Will County go here.

To see the 'Code Blue' Medical Liability Crisis Releif Plan go here (pdf).

I will be taking a closer look at the plan and offering my ill-informed opinion on it soon.


Saturday, April 24, 2004

Chicago Tribune | Candidate's best tag: A likable kind of guy: "'To see these personality characteristics, this background of classic privilege with the five houses, the motor yacht, the ski chalet, it's hard to say that `He's a guy like me' because most of us don't have ski chalets or motor yachts,' said Terry Holt, spokesman for the Bush campaign."

-- Five houses and a ski challet and the guys NOT a Republican.....

Friday, April 23, 2004

From the leader a letter about Joyces latest column.

"Textbook worthy column on 'endangered' rivers"

-- I think that says more about the quality of textbooks than anything else....

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Nauvoo casts Mormons' plight in a different light:

Some day perhaps, an alderman from some small Mississippi River town will go to dinner with an old friend from Chicago who will regale him with stories about the time in history when the city elected its first African-American mayor, causing white racist aldermen to rebel and take control of the City Council so as to limit his powers.

-- Glad to see someone brought up this point of view. He also points out how it was a bit of surprise to people who live down there.
Chicago Tribune | Hale jury must judge his acts, not racist views

Zorn has this right.
Over at HOG ON ICE he has some interesting thoughts on BD losing hisLeg.

Then again Gary Trudeau has given to the Democrats (see the last entry) and I think he gave to Dean but I can't find a record of that.

Follow the top link, it is rather interesting.
I think the top entry says it all.

While I am on the subject of the Governor, I saw footage of him visiting Utica yesterday and he was wearing an IL State police coat that even seemed to have a cloth 'badge' on it? It this apropreate? Dosen't he have his own coat?

Yes I know the democrats who read this are going 'What about President Bush and his flight suit' yeah, yeah. But somehow this strikes me as a bit different. He is not a state trooper, why wear a coat like he is. At least President Bush was in an aircraft.

The Illinois House Republicans call on Gov. Blago to
help protect open space... Have I entered bizaro world?

"The House Republicans today urged Governor Rod Blagojevich to reconsider his proposal to take a 'holiday' from funding crucial open space preservation programs in Illinois.

"In recent years, Illinois has ranked 48th out of 50 states in the amount of open space available for outdoor recreation and what we have left is disappearing fast," said State Representative David Winters (R-Shirland). "The Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development Program (OSLAD) was created to help us preserve environmentally sensitive areas and recreational lands for future generations. It would be irresponsible to completely abandon funding, even temporarily, for this important purpose."

-- It helps local governments, it doesn't cover all of the costs and at a $21 million it is not a budget buster.

The OSLAD program is a state-financed grant program through the Real Estate Transfer Tax that provides up to 50% funding assistance to eligible units of governments for the purpose of acquiring and/or developing lands for public outdoor recreation purposes (public parks and open space). These are not funds generated through property taxes.

Zeroing out this funding for the OSLAD program diverts funding to the state's General Revenue Fund allowing the governor to earmark this dollars for any project or program he wishes. "

-- I am sure there are lots of projects north of I-80 that require state funding.
Some more on the cost of malpractice insurance:

"By July 1 Robinson and her two colleagues will have left their 6,000-patient practice in Niles, Ill., and moved nearly an hour away, across state lines to Kenosha, Wis. The doctors say they can no longer afford to pay skyrocketing malpractice premiums. Their combined insurance has leapt 48 percent to $510,000 a year. In Wisconsin they'll pay just $50,000."

-- We need to do something about this gang.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

An interesting Story from Reason about how running ads for on-line casinos may be a crime and the feds have warned people.

It would be interesting to see if they go after radio stations that run ads for offshore sportsbooks and magazines that run them.

I have written about malpractice reform in Illinois so to be fair I am going to include a link to this story.

State doctors, malpractice insurer battle over rate hike, board raises: "ISMIE also paid out $4.9 million to senior executive Donald Udstuen when he left the company, two months before pleading guilty to taking kickbacks on state contracts."

-- Nothing like having your own insruance company run by people you are not happy with.

I read Joyce at the Illinois Leader so you dont have to.

Her point this week -- That by letting the Missouri River be managed in a way that results in it's level being too low to allow barge traffic resulting in various harms occouring.

How I think she fails to get there...

Should we be asking who gives American Rivers the authority to compile a list that appears to have so much impact? Does the media research the other side before readily printing these releases and promoting an agenda?

-- Ummm the "Ten Most Endangered Rivers" list gets fewer hits in google news the combo of Oprah and Apprentice as a combo get more google news hits. Not actaully big news. So the impact is just sort of there, not huge but there.

The environmentalist's goal is to make our rivers "free flowing" as the rivers were in the days of Lewis and Clark. They believe this can be achieved by the removal of locks and dams. They want to see canoes paddling the rivers instead of barge traffic moving commercial products and providing millions of jobs to support families.

-- Ummm. Even if this is true the second sentence takes a legitamate point but sounds shrill since it is they are against x and it causes y.

I think she has a point to make, one I even agree with.

In that the econ. benefits of rivers need to be considered above questionable environmnet concerns. However she fails to make it.

Who knows maybe I will start re-writing them for her.

Yahoo! News - Senator says US may need compulsory service to boost Iraq force: "'There's not an American ... that doesn't understand what we are engaged in today and what the prospects are for the future,' Senator Chuck Hagel told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on post-occupation Iraq.
'Why shouldn't we ask all of our citizens to bear some responsibility and pay some price?' Hagel said, arguing that restoring compulsory military service would force 'our citizens to understand the intensity and depth of challenges we face.'
The Nebraska Republican added that a draft, which was ended in the early 1970s, would spread the burden of military service in Iraq more equitably among various social strata. "

-- Yeah, like thats ever gonna happen.... He makes a valid point, but it is never gonna happen.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I am watching something on Nova on PBS right now about population trends. One of the things I like about PBS is you can find out who funds things and figure out what else the fund. This can give you some insight to the viewpoint of what you may have watched.

Major funding for "World in the Balance" is provided by Marguerite and Gerry Lenfest, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund (sponsor of the Goldman Environmental Prize), and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Yahoo! News - Michael Jackson's Brother Raps U.S. Policy in Iraq: "Jermaine, also a singer, told Reuters in an interview: 'I do not agree with the U.S. government. What they are saying about Muslims and Arabs is all propaganda and brainwashing.' "

-- Besides for the fact the headline didn't even contain his name who cares what Jermaine thinks. I want to know what Tito thinks!
UK Bombers Target Soccer Match?:

"A SUICIDE bomb plot to kill thousands of soccer fans at Saturday's Manchester United-Liverpool match was dramatically foiled yesterday."

-- If someone pulls that sort of thing here in the US I think a growing number of Americans are going to demand that we bomb part of Afganistan back to the stone age ( or make it glow).
Now it is time for two calendars Babes for Bush and Babes against Bush.

Sorry I still think the Babes against Bush calendar chicks look a bit like 'low rent porn stars'

The Trib has some more on the state's debt:

-- This is my favorite line out of the whole thing.

Because of the way Blagojevich has pushed back payments, Wheeler said, the bonds are 'like time bombs that are being put out there for a future governor.'"

Monday, April 19, 2004

Over at Crains they point out Danny! is getting a little verklempt about how much debt the state is getting into.

"'The pattern of increased debt is troublesome on a number of levels,' Mr. Hynes said. 'It is not just an issue of how much we are borrowing, but what we are borrowing for.'
Specifically, Mr. Hynes' echoing Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is becoming increasingly nervous about the governor's plan to borrow money to finance short-term obligations.
'Issuing debt to pay for long-term projects can certainly be financially prudent. But borrowing long term for short-term needs is dangerous,' Mr. Hynes said. 'It goes back to one of the basic principles of family economics: you take on debt to buy a home or a car, not to buy groceries."

-- If you raise taxes you can't run for president. If you borrow your way out of trobule and then leave the problem for someone else then you are fine. I think the Democrats are going to start taking shots at each other... This is very schadenfreude of me but cool.
The Peoria Pundit offers up some thoughts on the anti-catapiller protests that are going to be going down in Peoria because of the woman who was killed by a catepillar dozer during a 'protest'.

Read his take.

From A New Can Of Worms: "Last Fall the Illinois Policy Institute released its Illinois-STAMP report dynamically scoring the Governor's FY04 Budget." See how close they were to reality. (I'll give you a hint they did better than the Gov).

illinigirl has some thoughts on the whole Cheif thing. Again I really don't have a dog in this fight so I don't have a really strong feeling one way or the other. However I wouldn't consider the Cheif nearly as bad as schools that are the 'Redskins' or something like that.


Sunday, April 18, 2004

Watching/Listening right now to Eye on Chicago and interviews with Mancow and the guy who has filed the complaints. Some comments.

Sorry Mancow I am not even remotely buying the 'They are coming after me to stiffle political desent'. I highly doubt there is some big government plan to shut you up because Al from Cicero calls and complains about something.

He did have some what I feel legitimate gripes about the FCC process and how the standards are vauge.

The guys who has filed the complaints was also on. He did an Ok job and even had a bit of a counter argument for the 'Change the station argument'.

What he failed to do is to really bring out the idea that 'we' own the airwaves. He said it once but really failed to bring it out that this is not to government buring books and that the licenses that these stations have from the government are really their primary asset.

Well I have been thinking about something Arch wrote about the Republicans of his youth.

I guess he has a real point in some ways I am a (Thompson/Edgar) Republican. That is a Republican who does not feel that you need to be a strong social conservative to be a Republican.

Here is my definition of a Thompson Republican (using some examples)

A) Not a fan of Right to Work, unions are not evil.
B) Feel local government entities should be free to make decisions with a limited influence from Springfield.
C) What people do in the privacy of their own homes should be their business.
D) There is virtually no singe issue that is a 'Republican Litmus Test', pro-choice fine, gay fine. Want to raise taxes and make government bigger (err, nope)
F) Is pragmatic, due to the very nature of how things work in Springfield you need to be able to work with both parties and accross branches of government.
G) How you chose to worship God or even if you want to worship God is your own business.
H) Create a regulatory environment that is fair to business and labor and encourages the economic growth.

My fear is sometimes that we get too focused on the social conservative issues. - Mom sues Coors' over son's death in accident - Apr 18, 2004: "RENO, Nevada (AP) -- The mother of a 19-year-old killed in a traffic accident is suing Coors Brewing Co., claiming that it promotes underage drinking.
Jodie Pisco, of Reno, contends Coors has failed in its duty to protect the country's youth from drinking. Her son, Ryan, was killed in 2002 after he drank Coors at a party and drove his girlfriend's car into a light pole at 90 mph, the lawsuit says.
The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Washoe County District Court, seeks unspecified damages. It accused Coors of 'glorifying a culture of youth, sex and glamour while hiding the dangers of alcohol abuse and addiction"

Also named in the suit were Ryan Pisco's girlfriend and her mother. The lawsuit alleges the girlfriend allowed Pisco, who lacked a valid driver's license, to drive off in her car, which had been given to her by her mother.

-- Yeah it wasn't his fault at all...... Why not sue the outfit who made the car, heck it went 90 that's over the leagal speed limit. Why not sue the guy who provided him with the brew. No way is it his fault!

It's sad it's not actionable. Your son was an adult, he made a bad decision.

As the Os-blog points out. NIU president Peters is out of the running to be the president of the U of Tenn. Cool, I am glad he is staying at NIU.
Chicago Tribune | Illiniwek skirmish will shift to Capitol: "'I just think people are overreacting,' said Darryl MaGee, a freshman from Waukegan. 'Sometimes you just need to let it be. Illinois is known for the Chief. If you take that away from us, what do we have?'"

-- Well I suspect that you still have a campus that seems to get a disproportionate amount of financial support, media attention and prestige compared to the rest of the state colleges and universities in this state. Then again I went to NIU so I may have a bit of a bias.

If all you think that represents a school is it's mascot, you must be a freshman.


Friday, April 16, 2004

Chicago Tribune | Jury finds suburban mayor guilty: "Defense attorney Marc Hamilton said in his opening statement that Luster would not deny he collected unemployment benefits and failed to file tax returns, but he said Luster did not willfully and knowingly breaking the law.

``Mr. Luster would like you to know this case is about more than that,'' Hamilton said. ``This case is about a young man who overcame a troubled youth, became a leader of his community and was elected mayor of this community.''"

-- Who didn't make his state tax payments. It's good to see the George Ryan defense does not work.
Over at west north: There is a post about a California proposal that would further regulate big-box retailers

"An interesting bill now before the California General Assembly would better inform municipalities' decisions about big-box retailers:"

"The bill would prohibit a city or county from approving any store larger than 100,000 square feet that also devotes at least 10% of its space to selling groceries, if an economic report shows that the surrounding community would be harmed."

"It would require Wal-Mart or other superstores to pay for the studies, although they would have no say in choosing which independent consultant would be hired by local officials. Economic and environmental impact reports can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars."

-- Ok where do I start on this one.

First 'Why not let local towns and cities make their own decisions on who sells in their towns?' Is this something that needs to be turned over to a larger government entity? No!

Second. How do you define econmic harm. Big grocer A opens up a store that will end up causing store B to close is that economic harm? Why do businesses need to be protected from other businesses? Compitition good not bad....

Third, you pick the consultant and I pay for it? Oh that's not going to lead to anyone playing favorites at all.

Why not just call this what it is, the existing retailer protection act.

Telegraph | News | Defiant hostage's murder on video outrages Italians: "The Italian hostage executed in Iraq tried to tear off his hood seconds before he was shot dead and screamed: 'Now I'll show you how an Italian dies.'"

-- Good for him, if it is going to happen no sense giving them the satisfcation of thinking they have broken you.
Chicago Tribune | Ryan, Obama side by side in race for election funds: "Ryan also attacked Obama for voting to raise what Ryan said were 428 taxes and fees, voting to extend state bonding authority by $14 billion, and moving $800 million out of the state's highway trust fund in the last four fiscal years. The result, Ryan said, is 'we've lost, in Illinois, 100,000 manufacturing jobs over the last four years.'"

-- Thats the downside of having a record. It can be used against you.

Still more from Sneed on'The Apprentice . . .':

"Sneed was right. We predicted over the last week that if Chicago's Bill Rancic was selected as Donald Trump's apprentice, he would be the perfect choice to spearhead The Donald's 90-story Trump Tower right here in the footprint of the Sun-Times."

-- There were two guys left, you had a 50/50 shot. Also thanks for letting us know that he got his 'locks clipped' at SalonBlond...
How about doing a blurb about something real like the St. Charles youth center or something. Oh wait you have a item on how Luke Perry had a burger at Billy Goat on Thursday with Oprah...

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Illinois Youth Center St. Charles Illinois:
The Issue
Governor Blagojevich has announced in his proposed budget:
'We have old prisons in Illinois that are simply too costly to operate. We have new facilities sitting vacant.
Prisons ought to be built or operated when you need them to house inmates not because it's the only thing people are left to rely on when it comes to economic development.
I know Illinois can do better than that.
If we sell the Valley View youth facility, which is already closed, close and sell the youth facilities in St. Charles, and move those juvenile detainees to Kewanee.'"

-- Yeah that's it. Close a youth facility that you just spent millions upgrading, has the lowest cost per inmate of any facility in the state and send them down to Kewanee only 147 miles awayfrom Chicago where a large number of inmates are from. That will encourge family visitis and stuff. Take a look at one example of how this is going to screw things up for real youth, here.

The closure is suposed to save $11 million a year however as Rep. Tim Schmitz points out

"If the inmates will be moved to other facilities and the employees will get other jobs, then how do you come up with $11 million in savings?" Schmitz asked. "That's $64,000 a day to turn on the lights and mow the lawn. I want to see those numbers."

-- So do I Tim so do I.

Considering the crap this state can and does spend money on why we have to close one of the few youth centers in this state in the Chicago Metro area.

Give me a break
It's time for Mike Madigan to remind the Governor how weak the governor is really is in this state.

"'A year ago, I was very diligent in being cooperative with Blagojevich,' Madigan said. 'I thought that [he is in his] first year in office, first Democrat since the '70s, we're all Democrats. ... Well, now we're in the second year, and we're going to do some things a little differently.'"
Chicago Tribune | 'Illiniwek' protesters occupy U. of I. building: "We're prepared to be here for several days,'' said Jen Tayabji, a former Illinois student who was standing with about 10 other protesters four hours later. They blocked the entrance to the Swanlund Administration Building under a large sign that read, 'Sit in against the chief.''"

-- I wonder how many of these people who are sitting in are actually students and how many of them are just people who like to gripe about stuff.

Political hiring role denied by governor: "Gov. Rod Blagojevich's office on Wednesday denounced the work record of a longtime Democratic political foot soldier and denied his chief of staff recommended the political operative--whom Blagojevich has praised in the past--for a new government job."

"Lon Monk highly recommended Dominic Longo," the younger Avila said Wednesday. "Lon Monk personally asked me to intercede with my father about hiring Dominic Longo."

-- Yeah right this wasn't your idea at all Blago.....
Over at the at Leader Joyce shares the thought that Earth day is nothing but a trojan horse bringing a new religion and a new world order to America.

Well start with this nugget.
"If you think religion is not being taught in public schools, just wait until all the publicity is promoted around April 22, Earth Day. Every newspaper will be filled with pictures of the children and activities celebrating Earth worship. "

Ummmm, so does that mean the 4th of July promotes Nation worship? Labor Day ? No....

Next there is this nugget

The "Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activities Book" is available online free from the Environmental Protection Agency. Is this a state-funded religious textbook?

-- Ummm, no it's a coloring book offering such scarry earth goddes worship ideas a turning off the water when you brush your teeth and riding your bike to school. That's like arguing that a coloring book on Fire Safety promotes worship of fire. It's not like the thing is saying adopt the Koyto protocols or you are not going to get any Christmas presents.

Take a look at the enitre thing but before you get to smug about the 'far-right' ant-environmental nuts enjoy This letterto the editor about how the 'suffering' of chickens in America is no different than the suffering related to 9-11 or just visit her web-site.
This time a litte from Sneed on Blago...

"Gov. Blagojevich will lecture on prescription drugs at Harvard Thursday and pitch his drive to legalize imported drugs. The guv has been relentless in pressuring the White House to find a safe, legal way to allow cheaper drugs from Canada to find their way into U.S. medicine chests."

-- How about hanging out in Springfield and fixing the budget instead of trying to get votes for 2008.
Well there were no fireworks at the convention, thankfully.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Well it's county convention night tonight. I don't know if anyone is opposing the county party chair this time around, I hope not because it then turns into a long night. I need to bring something to read.


Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The Libertarian at RandomActofKindness has something about lowering the voting age.

I 'they pay taxes' argument falls a little flat with me since everyone pays taxes at every age. Once you start buying stuff you are paying taxes, should my 5 year old vote? Nope.
Stupid. - Sorority women told to lie to give blood - Apr 13, 2004: "In an e-mail sent last Tuesday to about 170 members of Gamma Phi Beta, Christie Key, the chapter's blood donation coordinator, wrote: 'I dont (sic) care if you got a tattoo last week LIE. I dont (sic) care if you have a cold. Suck it up. We all do. LIE. Recent peircings (sic)? LIE.'"

-- I bet they had a special T-Shirt however.
Rick Klau has some thoughts about the use of technology and the Dean campaign.

I don't know if I agree with Rick's recomendations but take a look and decide for your self.

Lisa Madigan offers up her desire to be governorGovernor? I don't want the job.� in the Sun Times today. I have to admit that she has done better at the job than I expected and I give her credit for a couple of things. 1) Standing up about the Rosemont Casino 2) This is trivial but I was watching something about the Vatican on TV about a week ago and she was on it, she was there getting her new marrage blessed by the pope and never once did she mention that she was the Attorney General of IL. Heck the Canadian couple who was also featured in the wedding segment seemed to try to attract more attention.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Over a DJWInfo he has a letter from a woman about to go to prison for protesting at the School of the Americas.

I don't agree with her why or how but it is a good read. She made a choice and is now being responsible for it, I do respect her for that.

Remember they are fees not taxes. Follow the link to look at all of the increased fees already passed by the state. Here are some more that may be coming to your 'hood.

When you look at these you may think they are not that much, however they do add up. Mrs OneMan has to have three different state licenses to do her job that added an extra $150 in expenses this year... I can't wait to see what the do to the MDs when they come due next year.

It's not just big companies that pay these fees, it's Nurses, locksmiths, people who write title insurance, boat owners...


It may be a bit of a stretch but the following offers a idea of what might of happened to President Bush if he was able to act before the September 11th. Would have swift and firm action before 9-11 lead to him being removed from office.

The New Republic Online: Easterbrook: "AN ALTERNATIVE HISTORY: washington, april 9, 2004. A hush fell over the city as George W. Bush today became the first president of the United States ever to be removed from office by impeachment. Meeting late into the night, the Senate unanimously voted to convict Bush following a trial on his bill of impeachment from the House. "
Ok, I realize this is really trite but... I filed my taxes today and remembered why I am a Republican. I am also reminded of something my grandfather used to tell my dad that he told me.

"The only thing worse than paying taxes is not paying taxes"


Sunday, April 11, 2004

Well Duh... - McCain on talk of run with Kerry: 'No, no and no' - Apr 11, 2004:
Madigan vs. The Governor Cool:

"Then on Thursday, Gaming Board member William Dugan blurted out what has been on the minds of many. He suggested Madigan might be using the casino as a springboard to run against Blagojevich."

-- That would be cool to watch. I have to admint that the idea of her running against him is entertaining, insane but entertaining.

Is Jack Ryan Conservative? Archpundit offers his thoughts and calls me out a bit on a dialog...

Yes he is a conservative. Is he too conservative for the voters of Illinois. Nope.

I would argue that the canidates that have been generally found to be too conservative in this state are the ones that put strong conservative stances on social issues at the top of their agendas.

When you don't 'hang' with Republicans you tend to feel all conservatives and/or Republicans are major conservatives which is not the case. It is also quite posible to be a hybred and be successful. Look at John McCain. Very conservative in some ways, less so in others. I don't think he would be too conservative for IL.

For Example Al Salvi -- too conservative.
From An Old Anti-Al ad

SPOKESMAN: (commercial) Is Al Salvi too extreme for Illinois? You decide. Al Salvi wants to make assault weapons legal again. Al Salvi wants to abolish the Department of Education. And Al Salvi wants to privatize Social Security. Al Salvi’s views are too extreme for Illinois.

Besides for the Social Security (which I think he wants to only partially privatize) none of these other issues are on his radar. I don't think he wants to end the assault weapon ban or anything like that.

Again depending on how the message is delivered his core stuff may not come accross as 'scarry' conservative. Be it vouchers or the defence or marrage act.

Rember Clinton signed the defence of marrage act so the idea of it being between one man and one woman is not some far right idea.

Heck even on pro-life you may not agree with him but I feel a lot of 'middle of the road' people at least understand his viewpoint on it.

When it comes down to it there is about 10 -15% that both canidates are going to fight for in this race.

One way or the other I look forward to having the discusion with him over the next few months.


Saturday, April 10, 2004

Is Jack Ryan Conservative? Archpundit offers his thoughts and calls me out a bit on a dialog...

Yes he is a conservative. Is he too conservative for the voters of Illinois. Nope.

I would argue that the canidates that have been generally found to be too conservative in this state are the ones that put strong conservative stances on social issues at the top of their agendas.

When you don't 'hang' with Republicans you tend to feel all conservatives and/or Republicans are major conservatives which is not the case. It is also quite posible to be a hybred and be successful. Look at John McCain. Very conservative in some ways, less so in others. I don't think he would be too conservative for IL.

For Example Al Salvi -- too conservative.
From An Old Anti-Al ad

SPOKESMAN: (commercial) Is Al Salvi too extreme for Illinois? You decide. Al Salvi wants to make assault weapons legal again. Al Salvi wants to abolish the Department of Education. And Al Salvi wants to privatize Social Security. Al Salvi’s views are too extreme for Illinois.

Besides for the Social Security (which I think he wants to only partially privatize) none of these other issues are on his radar. I don't think he wants to end the assault weapon ban or anything like that.

Again depending on how the message is delivered his core stuff may not come accross as 'scarry' conservative. Be it vouchers or the defence or marrage act.

Rember Clinton signed the defence of marrage act so the idea of it being between one man and one woman is not some far right idea.

Heck even on pro-life you may not agree with him but I feel a lot of 'middle of the road' people at least understand his viewpoint on it.

When it comes down to it there is about 10 -15% that both canidates are going to fight for in this race.

One way or the other I look forward to having the discusion with him over the next few months.

Have to Give Zorn props for taking 6 year old twins to London for a week.

Mrs. OneMan and I went to London for a long weekend about 5 years ago for next to nothing flight cost wise (bump vouchers) and it was a lot of fun. I would have to agree with most of his observations but I didn't really notice any issues with 'the help' so to speak.
Thanks to the OS Blog (added to the blog links) for the kind words about my gay marrage post.

I found his Southern=Rural idea interesting. I went to school in DeKalb (go Huskies) so I kind of understand where he is coming from on this.

At at this Easter time I just want to say even if you belive it or not. Christ died for ALL of our sins (that means both all of us and all of our sins) .

I think a trip to Myrtle Beach leaving from Gary : Is a great vacation plan this year....
The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Over at the leader....

This shooting at each other is rather stupid. Then again I remind my self it is a small group on a message board....

Friday, April 09, 2004

John Kerry comes to the windy city and has a meeting:

"Joined at the town hall meeting by Democratic Senate nominee Barack Obama, Kerry said far more attention needs to be paid to struggling school systems like Chicago's, where more than 30 percent of students don't finish high school and the number is even higher for minorities. "

-- Yeah because more money has solved the problem so far and more federal control is going to solve the problem. How about giving kids a choice not to attend crappy schools.

Oh wait thats right just toss money at the problem that will solve it. It's worked so far.

Governor Blago would have been unable to do an Governator in this case since if he spends a night south of I-80 his super-powers go bye-bye.

Nice Arnold.
Still more High School over at the Leader.
Can Sneed ever do a weeks worth of Columns without a Geogre Ryan.:

"Sneed has learned that former Gov. George Ryan will testify Tuesday before the U.N. Commission on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland, to support a worldwide moratorium on capital punishment."

-- Better than testifying before a grand jurry. Do you think his kids will get imunity from this outfit as well...

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Hastert merits more than side street: "One of the most powerful men in America deserves to have his name on more than a side street.
That's the view of Yorkville Mayor Art Prochaska has about a plan to name a street after U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert in the new Grande Reserve development under construction at the city's northeast corner.
'I'd like to see us pull that name for something more significant,' Prochaska said."

-- I would have to agree with that, side streets are for former Mayors (at least in the town I grew up in).

Yeah right: "The Illinois Gaming Board said Thursday it knew about alleged mob ties in Rosemont but contended the casino that wants to open there can be shielded from organized crime if the board has enough staff to properly regulate it."

-- Because Illinois does such a good job properly funding such things. I can prevent anything from getting mobbed with enough money and people. This is even scarry logic for Illinois.

During Thursday's meeting, Gaming Board member William Dugan questioned Madigan's motivation for holding up the casino deal, saying Madigan doesn't want the state to get about $380 million from the sale of the license because it would make her fellow Democrat Gov. Rod Blagojevich "look good" if he used the money to build roads and fix schools.

"I don't think this attorney general wants to see a license up and running here in the state of Illinois, or at least not right now, anyway," Dugan said. "But maybe the attorney general don't want the governor to look good, maybe she's got some other expectations or something and maybe higher office."

-- Yeah, the heck with stuff like keeping the Mob out, it's about the MONEY! Glad at least someone is admiting it. Does anyone really think Lisa Madigan is going to run for Gov in 2 years? Please.

More Stern Stuff:

"The nation's largest radio chain dropped the country's best-known shock jock Thursday after federal regulators proposed fining it $495,000 for sexually explicit material on the Howard Stern show."

-- It will be interesting to see if they go after Infinity next.
Still more on the Mormon's from SneedThe Mormon file . . .: Yet again it is All Mormon all the time with the Sneed.

There are some great quotes that I am going to get to. But I just wonder if this would have gotten any play in her Column if in some way either the Ryans or the Burkes were not involved?

"The members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were not the only people in Utah pleased with the resolution. 'When I first moved to Utah 20 years ago, I did not get a warm greeting when they discovered I was from Illinois,' said Patricia Coffey, a former Chicagoan."

-- Glad to see people don't hold a grudge.

"The state delegation arrived in biblical style. A torrential downpour, following a long drought, hit minutes after the plane landed, causing state Rep. Dan Burke (D-Chicago), who co-sponsored the resolution, to chirp, "Let's hope rain isn't the only thing we bring."

-- Hope my tax dollars didn't pay for the flight since the state can't afford so many other things now. As for the Biblical style is that Old Testament chariot of fire or large marching army or New Testament riding on a foal with palm branches being set down in front of them.

Mike a drought is an extended period without moisture but then again saying it was raining and then it stoped dosen't sound so cool. BTW if you follow the drought link you can see that Utah is not in any sort of drought.

"Ald. Burke, a closet historian, was stunned by the story of the persecution and felt an injustice had been done. "It was time to make things right and offer a hand of reconciliation," Burke said. "

-- Wow Ed, I am not a closet historian but I even knew about the story, guess it is a small closet.

"Nauvoo, which saw its Mormon temple rebuilt in 2002, is becoming a tourist attraction. More than 350,000 people visited the site last year.

"It is important to know how not to repeat mistakes of the past," said Illinois Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, who presented the resolution to the church elders. "In this land of Lincoln, Nauvoo will once again become a destination."

-- Blago would have gone but then he realized that Salt Lake is south of I-80 and if he spends a night sout of I-80 he loses his super-powers.

The fact that 350,000 people visited the site last year indicates it is already a destination. Heck I think the Trib even did a story last year about how there is tension in the area again over the increased Mormon presence in the area.

If you ever do go visit Nauvoo (I would recomend it) one thing you might learn is that some of the sites at least were in fact owned by offshoots of the LDS as well as more of the whole story than you get from Sneed.

It is an interesting place, not a gossip column trivial one.

The Trib talks about | The issue of gay marriage exposes hate and fear in the South: The article talks about the county that wanted to 'Ban Gays'.

-- Why do Christans freak out so much about this but do not freak out about other sins. No one ever talks about banning pre-marital sex or worshiping false idols. Heck no one even gets that upset about the rest of what is commanded in Leviticus .

Here is my free piece of Theology for today. God does not want you to hate anyone and God does not hate anyone. You are suposed to 'Love thy neighbor' and telling him he can't live by you is not 'Loving thy neighbor'.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Someone at the newspaper at Nortwester using Cuba as an example of how to get kids involved in the electoral process.

"In fall 2002 my friends and I were among the first Americans invited to witness Cubans vote for the National Assembly of People's Power. The assembly is the island's equivalent of the U.S. Senate.
While ballots featured only members of the Cuban Communist Party -- and El Maximo wasn't subjected to polling -- I was inspired by something there. Cuban school children were guarding the ballot boxes, taking part in the process, learning experientially. "

-- Only one party on the ballot Timmy but it is called voting: don't you feel empowered now. Too bad he couldn't have made it to N. Korea to enjoy some democracy there. What a wacked place to use as an example for voting. I look forward to him using China as an example of religous freedom.

Voting should not be super-super easy nor super-super fun. It is serious at some level and if you don't feel you can make the investment to register (easy) or actually go vote then you perhaps shouldn't vote. Also low turnout numbers can be a bit misleading since I know there are voters on the rolls in my pct. that moved away.

Arch also offers some insight into Duling Democratic Deficit Estimates ArchPundit: That Didn't Take Long.

At some point Rod is going to have to realize he is out of stuff to sell or 'monetize' and is going to have figure out some ways to save money. This is going to soon be his problem alone and identified with him alone.

You can't run for president if you can't ballance your state budget.

Over at Archpundit he offers up this thoughts on the Novak: Jackson vs. Obama thing. I think the title of the link covers Arch's thoughtsNovak Loses His Mind
At least The Onion has some honest coverage of a candidate.

-- FYI. It is a satire site.
Sneed tries to explain history and fails The Mormon file . . .:

"Although it is unclear just what political reasons the Mormons were persecuted for during that time -- because polygamy reportedly occurred later -- Nauvoo was the 10th-largest city in the nation and had become a powerful center, founded by the Mormons."

-- If you would actually go down to Navoo you might get some idea. I visited the site about 18 years ago.

One thing might have been when the Nauvoo Expositer was being printed by members who left the group in 1843 in part becuase of the plural marriage thing. Had it's building destroyed by Joseph Smith or perhaps because what the Mormon's belived didn't really mesh with Christianity in that part of the state or even for the same reason the had left previous locations...

She could even gone to this PBS Site, to Try and learn a little bit. Or just go get a copy of "The Rise and Fall of Nauvoo" . I would also recomend this or even this e-book that covers their times in Ohio, IL and MO as well as Utah.

It took all of about 10 minutes of google to find this stuff. If I had spelled Nauvoo correctly the first time it would have taken even less time.

Does she ever do research besides how old someone is

OneMan 'natch.
From theBureau County Republican: Local News: Denny Hastert makes a surprise visit to a Lincoln Day thing...

"Security was tight for the third-highest elected official in the U.S. government; however Hastert seemed very relaxed among friends from the Bureau County Republican's Party and GOP members from all over Illinois."

-- I just remember before 9-11 and after he became speaker both he and the Lt. Gov. Wood were both at an event I was at and she had a bigger security detail than he did.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

A really nice I know what you are but what am I moment brought to you by the Cook County GOP and the Illinois Leader.

Could someone please point me to a web site where the Democrats in this state air out their laundry like this? Please.....
Thunderbirds Are Go. -- Live action should be interesting. I just hope they work pupets in somehow.,
A Bush endorses driver licenses for illegal immigrants.

" Saying rigorous screening standards would ensure recipients ''won't be terrorists,'' Gov. Jeb Bush on Monday strongly endorsed issuing state driver's licenses to both illegal immigrants and foreign nationals who make Florida home for part of the year"

-- Interesting. I have a question however. If you are an illegal imigrant and are busted for a traffic offense do you get deported?
Sneed has another Horse moment:

"So let me track this horse imbroglio: We pet them, ride them, work them, groom them, even love them. And then we -- eat them!
Is eating those who trust us regarded as a delicacy?
Think about it."

-- Just like people do with their 4H cows, think about it.
The Sun Times also talks about Obama's faith:

"'That there are values that transcend race or culture, that move us forward, and there's an obligation for all of us individually as well as collectively to take responsibility to make those values lived.'
It's perhaps an unlikely theological position for someone who places his faith squarely at the feet of Jesus to take, saying essentially that all people of faith -- Christians, Jews, Muslims, animists, everyone -- know the same God.
That depends, Obama says, on how a particular verse from the Gospel of John, where Jesus says, 'I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me,' is heard."

-- Just bring that idea up at my church and you can get a lot of debate on the right Sunday.

Jack Ryan talkes about his faith in The Sun Times: "Ryan, 44, a lifelong Roman Catholic and a big fan of Lewis, says he tries to get to church every day and, with rare exception, succeeds. "

-- I guess they did Obama on Monday so I will try and find that. Otherwise I think his observations about a lot of things make sense.

I liked this part in particular

He's also been rereading Lewis' seminal work, Mere Christianity, particularly the chapter on charity and forgiveness, Ryan says.

"You haven't really lived until someone's [printed] 1.5 million pieces of mail on you telling you you're a bad person. So you go . . . to books like that and say, 'OK, people have had a lot worse done to them than me. This is not big in the grand scheme of things.' "

-- There is a lot to be said for perspective.
ArchPundit talks about his use of Jack! Vs. Ryan. I think I may stick with Jack for the most part.

A) Because that is the biggest thing on the 'static sticker' on my car
B) As a Republican even typing Ryan gives me a bit of the willies.


Monday, April 05, 2004

Yahoo! News - Barge Rams Bridge, Deliberately: " A 1,000-tonbarge rammed into a pier supporting an aging bridge over Florida's Apalachicola Bay last week, delighting civil engineers, who plan to ram it a dozen more times."

-- Right now I wish I was a Civil Engineer.
Novak shares some goofy thoughts:

"Chicago Democratic enemies of the Rev. Jesse Jackson and his son the congressman are claiming that the landslide nomination for the U.S. Senate of State Sen. Barack Obama means the Jacksons are washed up in Illinois politics."

-- If Obama was the son of one of the Shaw brothers perhaps. If anything this is going to help the Jacksons, watch for the bond between Daley and Jackson to get even tighter.
The Africana QA: Gay Activist Keith Boykin: "Boykin, 38, has the pedigree of a national leader: a Harvard Law School classmate of Democratic Senate candidate Barack Obama a former Special Assistant to President Clinton on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues, and the former director of the National Black Gay and Lesbian Leadership Forum"

-- The fact he went to school with a US Senate canidate gives him the pedigree of a national leader. I went to High School with a guy who played in the NBA, does that give the pedigree of a hoops star?
Thats Mr. President to you: "Let me ask you a couple of questions. Who is the AP person?
Q I am.
Q Sir, in regard to --
THE PRESIDENT: Who are you talking to?
Q Mr. President, in regard to the June 30th deadline, is there a chance that that would be moved back? "

Enjoy the audio
Over at A New Can Of Worms there is a different perspective on the gun stuff going on in Springfield. I am not really a big gun guy, I prefer my bow and I don't hunt, however I think he makes a very good point here. The gov. is trying to have it both ways and it just doesn't make sense.

Perhaps this could be a display for Ralph Naders Tort museum.Fed-up doctor turns to teaching: "At the peak of her career, the 48-year-old doctor announced she was giving up medicine to become a middle school science teacher.
Murphy wrote that she was weary of the 24/7 demands of the job and 'absurd administration burdens.' Worse, her annual malpractice premiums have soared to $92,000 and are scheduled to go up to $157,000 next year."

-- I think the telling thing is she only made about 120K a year after paying expenses. Not bad for most people to say the least, however rather sad for a doctor. Also go to the end to take a look at how much insurance costs....

A lot of people and canidates talk about how to let everyone have health coverage but the fact a neurosurgon in Cook county pays close to a quarter of a million dollars a year just for malpractice insurance is something that needs to be addressed as well.

The Gang over at Illinois Leader discuss the idea of Andy McKenna for Governor. Enjoy.

Over at Chicago: Hometown on the make. He writes about the Blago gun bill and how making Obama vote against it can have an impact.

Here is a thought, Obama does not vote against it. He does a Chapa-LaVia and votes to help him with the voters he may be weakest with.

Capital fax offers some thoughts (go down to March 30th) on what might happen if the Ryan stuff is really bad. The Edgar suggestion is an interesting idea and it would give him the advantage of not having to deal with a primary.

Well see.
Polis offers his thoughts on Obama's statement on the Ryan Files. It appears he agrees with me:

"This is exactly what he needs to do at this point. Now thanks to the Tribune's lawsuit and the rest of the media's infatuation with these files, he can pull back and distance himself and the rest of the Democratic party from this whole affair. "

-- Off the subject for a second. Can anyone refer some midwest Republican blogs to me?

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Visit WINSTED, Conn: and see what Ralph Nader wants to bring to town.

"He and his sister, Claire, control two prominent historic buildings in Winsted. One will become a tourist attraction, they say--a tort law museum celebrating the right of ordinary people to sue the powerful."

-- OneMan

Saturday, April 03, 2004

From the Beacon NewsObama says let Ryan divorce rest:

"Obama has said he would not bring up the divorce in the campaign, but the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has kept the issue alive by distributing e-mails with copies of news stories about the records.
Speaking on WBBM-AM's At Issue program, Obama said he was urging his supporters, including the committee, to focus on other matters.
'People are concerned about jobs; they're concerned about health care; they're concerned about education; they're concerned about safety,' Obama said. 'Those are the issues that, as a U.S. senator, I want to be addressing. I'm not going to be voting on any laws in Washington with respect to divorce records.'"

-- Smart move on his part. You know the DSCC is not going to drop it and he can say he tried. If it gets really ugly he can still try and wash his hands of it. However he still will do well if it turns out the sealed records contain something bad. Smart move Obmam.


Friday, April 02, 2004

Take a look at the special earmarks (pdf) for IL in the house version of the transportation bill. A few things in it are near Mr. OneMan's 'hood.

The Becaon News has a story about Aurora State Rep. Linda Chapa-LaVia defending her no vote on the Illegal-Alien drivers license bill. She is arguing that her district wasn't for it. It was also a very good political calculus, she is not going to lose the hispanic vote in this district. She could lose parts of the non-hispanic vote.

I think it is the perfect defininition of 'Realpolitik' applied to the local level.
Sneed offers some input on The horse slaughter!:

"So, gentle readers, next time you see a truckload of horses heading down the expressway, chances are they are going to a slaughterhouse rather than a stud farm."

-- Yeah do you have any actual data to prove this? Right now there is not working slaughter facility in this state.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

CJ - Jeri Ryan's Secret Divorce Papers: "But that might be a hard sell. 'CJ' got a look at some of the unsealed documents in the case, and Mr. Ryan is the one who begged the court to keep most of the divorce papers out of the public eye. He argued that the information might be harmful to the couple's 9-year-old son"

-- Makes you wonder how CJ could see papers that were sealed and at is attorneys office. Even a touch of details would have been nice. I am starting to think Jack needs to get this taken care of one way or another fast. Also if you follow the link it appears hey have a photo of Jeri when she was a bit 'chilly'

After episodes about Jim, Andy , Dr. K and Steve next on Almost All of My Losing Senate candidates is Gen. Borling.

He was the candidate who ended up doing much worse than I figured. Being a pro-choice Republican in a field this large should have been a major advantage along with his national security experience he should have done much better.

He should have played up the military and security side of his life without using General so much. I know former enlisted men who are not impressed with the whole General thing. Just pointing out his military experience without using General all of the time with specific examples would have been a good idea.

He let General define him completely and came across as a one trick pony.

Should have at least talked a bit about what he had done with his life after he left the Air Force.

He needed to be at more Republican events earlier in the process. It would have been nice to see him at a Lincoln Day Dinner or two. Party activist types really like that sort of thing.

He needed to do more mailing, especially to women like Mrs. OneMan College educated 20 – 40 hard R women. His pro-choice message would have resounded best with them. Also focused his radio advertising on this demographic as well.

Worked on seeming a little less grumpy, he came across as the uncle who knew what was best for you and more than happy to tell you.

Spent at least some early money on TV or Radio to get his name out there.

The move at WOU to ban Red Cross blood drives failed with no yes votes.

Now this is a Profile in Courage moment for ya.....
"The proposal's sponsor, Shauna Bates, was not present because she graduated in March, at the end of the winter term. Steven Sharp, who co-sponsored the proposal before withdrawing his support last month, abstained."

-- Glad to see this didn't happen. It did remind me to give blood on Monday however.

From Letterman's Top Ten signs: your governor has gone nuts

"9. Balanced budget by agreeing to rename state Schick Quattro"

-- Didn't we look into that here in IL?